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Numbers Story is my personal headworld and paracosm, with its birth date somewhere around August 2010. It spans dozens of worlds, gods, and Timelines, all utilizing the same underlying framework and rules. Dozens of tiny stories and conflicts span these worlds, populated by hundreds of individual people and their struggles. At its core, it is hopelessly idealistic - convinced that love, friendship, and kindness can solve this world's problems. Maybe it's right.

This site serves as an archive of lore and worldbuilding, packed to the brim with information on the various micro-worlds within Numbers and the structure that makes up their foundations. It is perpetually a work in progress - but I hope you enjoy peeking at these tiny slivers of my world!

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Where to Start?

You could try the Lore FAQ page to get a short idea of some of the grounding rules, or the Basic Introduction if you'd like to go more in-depth. From there, the Tidbits directory contains a suggested reading order!

Or, another candidate would be the Magic page, if you'd like to read a 6,000 word article on the elaborate soft system of magic juice in Numbers. A gif of Uzerin darting to the left.A gif of Quirmiz darting to the left.

Go Exploring!

Note: the "Worlds" button will take you to some empty pages, as they're not all ready yet.

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