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Numbers Story is my personal headworld and paracosm, with its birth date somewhere around August 2010. It spans dozens of worlds, gods, and Timelines, all utilizing the same underlying framework and rules. Thousands of tiny stories and conflicts fill these worlds, populated by hundreds of individual people and their lives. Though the world is imbued with cruelty and suffering from its very inception, its people still hold their heads high and kindle bright hope.

At their core, they are hopelessly idealistic - convinced that love, friendship, and kindness can solve their problems. Maybe they're right. Don't you want to find out?

This site serves as an archive of lore and worldbuilding, packed to the brim with information on the various micro-worlds within Numbers and the structure that makes up their foundations. It is perpetually a work in progress - but I hope you enjoy peeking at these tiny slivers of my world!

Where to Start?

The best place to start is the Basic Introduction! You may then want to read the 7,000-word Magic page to understand the elaborate soft system juice metaphysics of Numbers. From there, the Tidbits directory contains a suggested reading order, and the Library has a full list of public stories and oneshots! A gif of Uzerin darting to the left.A gif of Quirmiz darting to the left.

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