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A resource containing information on the myriad of animals in Numbers. This page is a heavy WIP; if a link leads nowhere or there's no text on the page, don't fret! I'll work on it soon.

PAGES NOT MADE: Ringbeast, mounts, honeynester, drakes.
All others link to a page, but may not have text.

You can click on the animal's name or image to be taken to its respective page.

Click for Stat Information ⮟

This information appears in the right-hand infobox of each animal on their page.

Intelligence - ability to resond to commands, gesture for desires, express emotions, and understand sentient speech.
Scales very high, high, med-high, medium, med-low, low.

Activity - how much exercise the animal requires or does in a day on average.
Scales working, active, calm, relaxed.

Vocality - how often the animal makes any noise, unprompted or prompted.
Scales frequent, common, uncommon, rare, never.

Domestic Fauna

Pet Felines

Accessory Pets


Mounts & Beasts of Burden

Productive Insects

Wild Fauna

Wild Canids

Wild Drakes


To be added!