A collection of fun little things for you to check out! I'll add to this whenever I have time or energy.

Random Generators

Random Character - upon loading, it takes you to a random public character on my Toyhouse!

Random World - upon loading, it takes you to a random world page on this site!

Tests & Quizzes

Mag Personality Quiz - a personality test to determine which Mag Frag you resonate with!

General Trivia Quiz - a 30-question quiz testing your obscure Numbers knowledge!


Numbers 2048 - play 2048 and combine tiny worms into Uzerin himself!

Fun Pages

Tiny Headshot Army - a full display of all the tiny headshots I've done, organized by world!


Kolo & Dij Shimeji - a .zip containing a Kolo & Dijamant combined Shimeji for your desktop! Just unzip and run shimeji-ee.jar. I've altered the code so they won't spawn more of themselves. They can't interact yet but I plan to include that.
Clicking on the link automatically downloads the zip!