Numbers 2048


It's Numbers 2048! Combine smaller creatures into bigger creatures and make some behemoths! What? This sounds illegal and possibly dangerous? Pssshaw, it's fine.

How To Play

You can use the arrow keys, WASD, or swipe on your phone. Match tiles together to create bigger tiles. It's 2048, I'm sure you know how it works.

1. Only 2s will spawn.
2. You get "free moves"; even if no tiles move a direction, if you press a directional key, a new 2 will spawn.
3. The game only ends if there are truly no moves left. If the board is full, try a new direction.
4. The images only go up to 2048. Everything after is text-only.

Note: this game uses Javascript and stores the game's state/your best score in your Local Storage.
Click here to clear the local storage (doing so will clear your current game state and best score on refresh).

Associated 2048 coding is by Clément DIVRY, which is forked from Gabriele Cirulli.
Some edits and images by me!

Raw Images