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Kolo holding a stack of papers irritably.

This is technically secret lore, right?

Hi, I'm Marvin (Kolo works too, though). I like to think of myself as an avid worldbuilder, writer, and artist - with this site being the culmination of that, my headworld that has existed since 2010. Maybe this will be the final version of the site, I say to myself, looking at the rotting corpses of the previous two sites (abandoned for being ugly & outdated).

I'm generally shy and have brainworms* so I'm not one to reach out to strangers often, but I try to be friendly! Please don't feel intimidated to contact me for any reason - a typo on the site, a question about lore, or maybe just an interest in friendship.

I spend the vast majority of my time working on Numbers, so my interests generally revolve around original content. I like some video games (especially open-world sandbox types), but I'm not really in sync with most pop culture... like... at all. I generally enjoy things that are weird and surreal and get very very passionate about what I like. The music of Animal Collective is a fundamental part of my personality.

I live in western Pennsylvania with my girlfriend and am very passionate about Pittsburgh for someone who only lived in the city proper during their disastrous college years (Pitt). Yinzers... hmu

* I have BPD, if it wasn't painfully obvious.

Kolo holds a set of books under his arm.


Name: Marvin/Kolo
Age: 24 (Oct 22)
Pronouns: he/him or they/them
Anniversary: May 20, 2018 ♥

Tablet: Huion Kamvas 12
Program: Paint Tool SAI
Older works were drawn on a very ancient iPad with the legacy version of Artstudio.

Zodiac: Libra&Scorpio Sun / Scorpio Moon / Leo Rising
Myers-Briggs: INFJ
A banner that reads Transmasc.A banner that reads Bisexual.A pink banner that says Taken.


  • Animal Collective ♥
  • Rain World, Skyrim, Paladins, Garden Paws
  • My girlfriend!!!
  • Singing very loudly while I draw or dance
  • Buying a tsunami of Kolo art


I only barely stopped myself from linking more songs. If you listen to any of them you are legally obligated to tell me what you thought of them.


Creative Work: Toyhouse / Deviantart / Artfight
Petsites: Pixel Cat's End / Flight Rising
Other: Discord - Kolo 🐜#1133 / Email - kittenkolo[at]gmail.com

Feel free to just randomly spam me with messages or follows or whatever. :)


I don't really have one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It is, however, my vague goal to make a site that is easy to use, view, access, and read on most devices. If there are aspects of the site that are unusable or difficult for you to read, I would love an email with screenshots and your screen resolution. I generally test things on my relatively-small monitor and on my partner's mobile phone, and I do make a vested attempt at responsiveness and accessability.

There are things outside of my scope as a hobbyist amateur but I'll do my best!

I try not to use Javascript for anything significant, only for fun or silly side stuff, and make it clear whenever it is used. If you have Noscript installed or plain don't like JS, my site should work perfectly fine for you.

If the site's colors are difficult for you to see, I suggest downloading Stylus and creating your own stylesheet for it, as the actual colors of the site are handled through CSS variables, changing them will be easy. Here is a link to a sample CSS sheet that you are free to nab and alter for your own usage. (Simply remove the "header" line if you'd like to see world-specific banners, or change it to your favorite banner if you prefer).

A shark flies around a stationary hamburger at speeds almost too fast to watch.