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This is the secret lore! By that I mean this is the index for stuff that doesn't have to do with Numbers - meta information about me, reccs I have, fun tidbits... you name it! It's tucked away in this corner because Numbers is definitely the focus of the site, and I don't want to distract from that with my personal or really OOC silly stuff, but I'd also like a place for it on my website.

A tiny chibi of Ciroatys.A tiny chibi of Szeretet.
by dovalore


The Secret Lore Pages

About Me - a handful of information about yours truly!
Question Memes - listen to me talk about myself, an absolutely gripping activity!

Recommendations - a list of Youtubers I listen to while drawing, and my opinions on them!

Storytitles - ever wonder where I get my story's titles from? Answer: it's all songs. All the way down.

A small Kolo laying on his stomach, looking grumpy.