Trivia Quiz


It's a quiz to test your trivia knowledge of Numbers! Each correct question is worth a point, and at the end, your points will be tallied and you'll be told what score you got! (And there will be a link to a page with the correct answers on it, as the quiz doesn't automatically show you.)

The quiz script used is from Dragonflycave.


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Ok... I hope you enjoy the quiz! Feel free to let me know what score you got at the end!

On Magic

If someone's eyes are two different colors, what does that signify?

Do spells need to be spoken to be cast?

In what form is Magninium the most dangerous in?

Which of the poison-metals is most dangerous?

What material can be used to cloak poison-metals' harmful effects?

What are magic circles made out of?

What primarily differentiates an alchemist from their peers to the layperson?

Can a robot utilize magic?

What do behemoths grow from?

On Time

Which day is the "midweek", a time of reduced work hours and rest?

Which month corresponds to Allseason, a time of unpredictable and random weather?

How many days long is a Numbers year?

On Races

Which of these races are naturally Immortal?

Which of the following is an example of a flora-aligned race?

Which race cultivates and uses a hivemind?

Which of the following races has a core?

On Gods

What is the correct pronunciation of Gladar?

What type of god typically crafts lesser gods?

Can a Gladar make more than one universe?

There are five required Harmonic types for a Universe to be stable. They are Death, Hope, Sound, Water, and...

Conversely, there are five Chaotic types. They are Decay, Anger, Hatred, Apathy, and...

Can a universe have more than five Harmonics and five Chaotics?

How many Magnitude Fragments are there?

On Timelines

What is the designation of the Main Timeline?

What is the MINIMUM number of natural Fragments a Timeline may have?

What is the MAXIMUM number of natural Fragments a Timeline may have?


Where is skyquartz most commonly found?

Which of these metals is the rarest?

What is the best method to be rid of a wraith?

What are stars made of?