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This glossary is for overaching terms in Numbers. Specific worlds with their own terminology will have separate glossaries, with words that aren't here.

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What a god feels their concepts most highly resonate with; what they are the god of. Sometimes used interchangeably with "representation".

the act of mixing potions, though the term "potionmaking" is equally common. Many alchemists' talents lie in making their potions taste good or unique.

anbinary (anne-binary)
the third sex, capable of both bearing and siring children. Many flying or aquatic races are anbinary.

the act of moving up the "god spectrum" ladder any number of rungs. Moving across the ladder is one-way only; individuals cannot descend.

augmetia (augh-met-ee-ah)
the rarest precious metal, which absorbs the light of the celestial bodies in order to glow. Exceptionally rare, it is highly coveted for use in creating enchanted items or weapons.


an animal who has attained a vast quantity of magic and gone through physical mutations/spontaneous sentience as a result. They seek out more sources of magic to feed off of. The slower their growth, the more sane the result.

a gift of a portion of magic from a Magnitude Fragment to a lesser being which results in a huge increase of power for the Blessed and a tugging of their conceptual wavelengths to be closer to the Mags'. Some Mags freely give Blessings to any who ask, while others are more selective. Cysawd is the Fragment with the most number of Blessings.


cellie (cell-ee)
a cell phone. Calls are handled through video feed, not simply audio.

a white rocklike substance formed deep underground and ejected onto the surface with tiny cores inside. Used for drawing magic circles, as it allows for spells to endlessly loop.

Chaotic (cay-aw-tic)
a powerful god within universes, and required to keep it stable. There are at least five to a proper universe, with the affinities of decay, anger, hatred, violence, and apathy. Chaotics generally represent more negative concepts, but this has no bearing on their personality or behavior.

cloud city
a city made partially of skyquartz and literal clouds. Flying races typically populate them, or use cloud villages as outposts. Non-flying races can visit if the structures are made of skyquartz or by using enchanted boots.

Coalition of Reality / COR
A huge organization manned by Fragments that works together to maintain Timeline health, record Timeline information, and provide support to Timelines in danger of collapse or death. It is the largest and most powerful Fragment faction/entity, but many outside of its walls have a myriad of critiques.

the universal language, bestowed upon individuals as part of Common Knowledge.

Common Knowledge / CK
knowledge that all sentient individuals gain over the course of puberty. It typically entains basic language, maths, the world around them, magic, and gods.

conceptual wavelength
an idea that magic resonates at the frequency of, which allows it to be a tangible thing, such as fire, wind, buildings, houses, screwdrivers, pumpkin pie, etc. Sentient individuals are made up of thousands of wavelengths, which comprise their identity.

Connected Timelines
Timelines that are offshoots of the Main Timeline and are typically reflections of it with minute changes. Contrasted with the Original 24, which are unique.

A somewhat-autonomous robot-like entity made by a mage, imbued with a small fraction of their magic and able to carry out simple tasks or be controlled remotely. Considered somewhat simple and childish; robots are seen as more professional/intensive to create (they technically are).

one of the poison-metals, capable of consuming magic to create more of itself. Copper is the least dangerous to handle, and only causes minor scarring after extended handling. Being stabbed with copper prevents magic use in that area.

a small, solid bundle of magic that has absorbed ambient wavelengths. Often used for energy production, water production, or weapons.


Dead Zone
a name for the "conceptual plane" - a layer of reality superimposed overtop of normal places. When people, animals, plants, buildings, etc., die, their souls move on to the Dead Zone, where they can live indefinitely so long as the living remember them.

a low rung on the god spectrum, typically the result of a lesser god and mortal's coupling. Demigods are able to respawn at a safe location after they die, so long as their will to live is strong enough.


equan (eh-quan)
the basic currency. One equan is equivalent to one US dollar.

the act of placing runes conceptually or physically inside of an object in order to imbue it with a spell. Often used to make mundane things such as non-rip clothes, anti-cold coats, non-dulling knives, anti-smudge glasses, etc., but enchantments can be complex.


flora-aligned races
races whose conceptual baseline is aligned with plants and encouraging their growth; an integral part of agriculture for most universes. This includes base ponies, alicorns, iron ponies, temperate dragons, forest dragons, grassland dragons, rainforest dragons, taiga dragons, bees, wasps, and ants.

Fragment / Frag
a powerful god that lives outside of Timelines and seeks to protect/preserve them. Named as they are small pieces of the magic of the creator gods' splitting.


technically, any entity inhabiting the Dead Zone, but most often used for the sentient races. Ghosts wax and wane in power depending on how well-remembered they are by the living; the strongest ghosts can manifest in the living world, interact with objects, and speak to people.

Gladar (glad-dar)
a powerful god that creates universes, but lives within Timelines. They are not easily killable.

God Spectrum
the wide array of gods, separated by the amount of magic - power - they contain. More information here.

one of the poison-metals, and the most heinous. Gold is so toxic to touch that even light grazes cause irreparable scars, and being around it causes light-headedness and nausea. Being stabbed with gold prevents magic use entirely.


Harmonic (haur-mon-ic)
a powerful god within universes, and required to keep it stable. There are at least five to a proper universe, with the affinities of hope, change, sound, water, and death. Harmonics generally represent more positive concepts, but this has no bearing on their personality or behavior.

an overexpression of Magninium, appearing visually as a glowing band of magic around the head. Always an individual's magic color unless the halo is of stolen magicks. Typically signifies great mage potential in the individual.

an alloy made partially of gold, but is vastly stronger - heavensunder separates magic from individuals who come into contact with it instantly, killing them. It is, thankfully, incredibly hard to produce and a relatively unknown substance.

higher being
a catch-all term for a being higher than lesser god on the god spectrum.


a mortal who has been born with a genetic anomaly that prevents them from dying of natural causes - old age. Immortals are still able to die through any other means. In this context, "Immortal" is always capitalized.

the act of calling upon a Magnitude Fragment or deliberately utilizing their conceptual wavelengths to contact them (for prayer, deals, help, or information) or achieve a feat of magic. Invocations are best accomplished by people who naturally resonate with the concepts they are trying to invoke, and people who do as such for a living are called invokers.

ivoric (eye-vore-ic)
the hardened material that non-furred horns are made out of. It is shiny, with a smooth texture and is always stained the individual's eye color. They are hollow inside and full of liquid Magninium. Some races always sport ivoric horns, but others may only gain them as a mutation.






lesser god
a mid-power god that helps create the foundation of new universes, and are made by the Harmonics and Chaotics at the start of a universe's lifespan. They typically directly interact with or govern mortals.


Main Timeline
the most stable Timeline, coming into existence after the botched original twenty-four. Most stories, characters, and art take place within it; assume it is the default unless otherwise stated.

a casual term for Magninium.

magic circle
an arrangement of runes in a particular shape, drawn with chalk, in order to continually cast a certain spell. Most often used for teleport wards and the like.

a way to imprint paper or electronics with an image through the use of magic. Essentially, photographs and videos.

a catch-all term for any machine that has a magical component or is powered by magic through magic circles, gemstones, or cores.

a powerful element that conceptually resonates with ideas and provides sentience in large quantities. See the Magic page for more information.

Magnitude Fragment / Mag Frag / Mag
supreme gods that are the absolute foundations of all magic and conceptual wavelengths. They live outside of Timelines and are the oldest entities. There are only thirty-three.

an individual considered blessed by the Decay Chaotic or Death Harmonic, able to see and interact with the Dead Zone and living world at the same time. They cannot turn this power off.

mythril (myth-rill)
an energetic precious metal that gives off sparks of magic when cracked together. It is often used as a spice in expensive dishes or potions.


natural death
occurs at the end of an individual's lifespan; their magic will exit their body through a small hole in their chest, leaving the body inert. Their magic will go on to the Dead Zone.

Natural Fragment
a term specifically for a Fragment who was born in the Timeline they reside in/govern/protect. Any given Timeline may have any number of Natural Fragments - from none at all to thousands upon thousands.

(the) nature of reality
a term used to describe knowledge of Timelines and the matryoshka-doll nature of how the world works. Generally, only Fragments are inherently aware of the nature of reality, but it can be taught to lesser beings.

someone who practices necromancy, most likely legally as a mortician and funerary director. They prepare bodies for proper burial and necromance the dead to help them settle their last affairs, testify in court, and say goodbyes.

the act of resurrecting an individual who has died. Requires their original body to be only lightly injured and for their ghost to still exist in the Dead Zone. If either of these two criteria cannot be met, they cannot be necromanced.

nysil (nye-sil)
a powerful precious metal that oozes a thick, black liquid. This liquid is considered a delicious snack by mages. Sometimes affectionately called voidmetal or inkmetal.


orichalcum (or-ee-chahl-come)
a middling precious metal that is typically used for magitech. It is highly reactive in its solid form and is usually melted down into liquid for use.

Original 24
a catch-all term for the original twenty-four Timelines, universally unstable and prone to cracking. The 25th Timeline created became known as the Main Timeline due to its stability. Read more on their page here.


perimile (pair-eh-mile)
the standard unit of distance measurement. 2.1 KM = 1.3 MI = 1 PM

a precious metal commonly used in jewelry, flatware, and as decoration. It is considered very beautiful and stylish.

a catch-all term for the dangerous metals of copper, silver, and gold, which eat Magninium - lifeforce - and convert it into more of themselves. They are highly regulated in most worlds and civilians are forbidden from owning any.

a mixture that, when drank, will invoke a spell on the drinker. Most often used for spells that are intended to wear off after a while, such as transformation spells. Some potions are applied topically as creams.

an object that has attained so much Magninium that it attained spontaneous sentience. Obsessed with fulfilling their object's purpose, as they are made of few conceptual wavelengths (i.e. a teapot puppet only cares about tea, making tea, pouring tea, etc).

pygmy behemoth
what a puppet can become if left alone to grow and accumulate more conceptual wavelengths. They gain a flesh body based vaguely off their puppet forms and true sentience. In essence, however, they are failed Kirins.




see 'affinity'.

resonate / resonating
a term for the relationship between magic and a concept; magic "resonates" with a conceptual wavelength, such as fire, which in turn signifies the magic is "fire magic" and allows it to exist. A "resonator" is someone who highly resonates with a certain concept or shape.

a construct of a false body and programmed Magninium, made up of few conceptual wavelengths. Robots are used for repetitive, simple tasks, and are not considered sentient. They cannot use magic.

a symbol made of the foundational shapes drawn metaphorically or physically. They can be placed into objects to enchant them, or drawn in arrays to form magic circles. The language of magic, simply.


a term for a person and/or bloodline that has had Immortality blessed into them by a god.

how much raw Magninium is in the atmosphere. Too much causes chaotic effects and mutations; too little causes stillbirths and lethargy.

the midtier poison-metal, sickening to hold or be injured with. Being stabbed with silver prevents magic use from that side of the body.

the original fusion, where all magic was once contained. Ripped themselves apart into the creation deities, Genesis and Bereave, out of loneliness.

a floating mineral that grows in the seabed and can hold an impressive amount of weight aloft. Used in the construction of cloud cities.

the act of taking a university dropout under one's wing and providing for them monetarily in return for indentured servitude.

spontaneous sentience / sponsen
the act of a non-sentient object becoming aware of itself in the world to varying degrees; some objects begin with low sentience and slowly attain true sentience, while others gain true sentience and theory of mind at conceptualization. Typically achieved by acquiring vast quantities of magic.

a glowing ball of Magninium placed in the skies of universes by Gladar. Can be harvested as sources of magic by people. Often used as expletives - "oh my stars!".


a soft black mineral that is notable for being able to render poison-metals inert. Many gold weapons are kept in talc sheaths to conceal them and prevent hurting the wielder with their presence.

three Ts
a term for the most common uses of magic, which almost every individual learns to use: telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation.

a huge swath of Magninium that encompasses a single universe core, its Gladar, and their universes. Each one is unique in some way, though the differences and variations range from extremely large and significant, to very minor and unnoticeable.

true sentience
considered by the sentience races to be full theory of mind and the ability to show/express/feel genuine empathy and sympathy. A contentious definition that was used to exclude Beauts from being a sentient race for a long while.


a small bubble of reality. There are many within Timelines, sharing the same foundations but often featuring unique spins on concepts or ideas. They are made by Gladar.

Universe Core
the empty expanse between universes, where Gladar live. Gladar may alter it as they please, creating cities and landscapes. A part of Timelines.


void / voidspace
the empty space surrounding Timelines which is naturally caustic to any entity except Fragments. Voidspace appears like a black, roiling void filled with turbulent magic that occasionally shines or sparkles similar to stars.


any sort of magical shield - though typically considered invisible and unnoticeable. The most common kind of ward is a teleport ward, which prevents anyone from teleporting in its radius except for those whitelisted.

a magic-induced "ghost" of emotion that can haunt an area long after an intense or traumatizing event. They are exorcised by consuming the magic somehow - either eating it or locking it within an object. They are about as intelligent as animals.






someone who has been temporarily resurrected by a necromancer. Zombies' bodies are powered by their necromancer's own magic, meaning that they compulsively obey their necromancer's direct commands ("do not run" does not stop the zombie from walking, jogging, dancing, shimmying, or sliding away).