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  • Added a "Character of the Week" block to the home page. Let's see if I can properly maintain it.
  • Also, happy New Year's Eve!


  • Added public links to the Bestiary page, even if it's not nearly done.


  • Completion of Zlimi page, except the banner (I'll have to draw one).


  • Ant page should be done, complete with images and more examples inserted.
  • Kirin page similarly done, with new properly-responsive images and Miscellany section.


  • Completion of first pass at Glossary page. Will add more terms as I think of them.



  • All of the new race templates are up except for Aquatics, who don't even have their proper page yet. If you aren't seeing the new images, make sure to hard refresh.


  • Wrote up the Standing City page for Cities of Ash.
  • Actually wrote the index page to have a proper introduction! More info will probably be added to it, but I can't think of anything right now.
  • Index page now has buttons for Updates & Todo so they're cute, and I made a little heart gif as well.
  • New headshots for Cities of Ash characters added to the tiny army.


  • Shifted meta questions from the Quick Ref page onto the Misc page where they're more visible... and it just makes more sense for them to be there.



  • The Calendar page is completed!
  • All remaining world banners are completed (Mag Frags, Frags, Hantel, Seleighe, and Soleil) and have been added to the landing pages.


  • Addition of a silly page showing off all the mini-headshots, as they're stored on-site for the races & worlds pages.
  • All previous uses of flexbox have been updated to be properly mobile-responsive; they'll now collapse into one column on smaller screens.
  • Ported over the Holy Empire page from the Toyhouse world.
  • Disclaimer regarding photographs used added to Misc.
  • Cleaning this up - after an email or two to the Neocities dev, both the broken pages and the lagging updates have been fixed. Hooray!



  • Finished coding the template for bestiary pages.
  • Drew the Dragonhost banner; added it to the banners page. Wrote the description for Dragonhost.
  • Drew a ton of supplementary art for the domestic cat bestiary page.
  • I think I drew the Myrme and Well of Creation banners yesterday but the update was too small to mention.


  • Made my site profile public on Neocities finally (I was too shy earlier....)
  • Drew banners for Flameverse and Cities of Ash.
  • Wrote up the description for Cities of Ash.
  • Redrew the little world thumbnails for this page. Also drew the little "View all Characters" and "Literature List" buttons.


  • Magic page completed!!



  • This was the day I transferred my domain registrar and began using this iteration of the site. Wanted to mark it down, even if updates aren't officialy "ready" yet.
  • Lots more updates happened between me finishing the magic page and now, but the site didn't even feel "ready" for an updates page until then.