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Behemoth Pygmy Behemoth


The sentient races are considered sentient because of their ability to communicate with each other, conception of theory of mind, and the attainment of "common knowledge" over the course of puberty. All magic is sentient to some extent, but most animals aren't considered "people" because of the aforementioned rules. 'Sapient' is the more correct term, here, but you get the idea.

"People" or "person" are the general terms to refer to all races or someone you don't know the race of.

Robots are not considered a sentient race in most universes.

Note: Lifespans

Lifespans are listed like this: 400-500y. What that means is that the earliest recorded natural death (magic exiting one's body) of that race was 400 years old, but dying that young is seen as extremely uncommon and only for unhealthy individuals. Most individuals would naturally die around 480 to 500.


The Pony Races and Dragon Races are capable of interbreeding within their subgroups and with each other. Due to this, they are also the most populous and successful branches of sentients that exist within universes. Most other hybrids, with a scant few exceptions, can be born but are infertile. The major exception are Kirins, whose conceptions always result in a miscarriage.

Behemoths and pygmy behemoths cannot produce children, even with members of their own species.


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Ponies & Dragons
Pony / Pony = Pony
Dragon / Dragon = Dragon
Pony / Dragon = Draunity

Other Races
Dolphin / Shark = Dolphin or Shark
Bee / Wasp = Wasp
Deer / Reindeer = ☉ Day Deer / ☽ Reindeer

Other Rules
Okapi / Any = Fertile Okapi
Kirin / Any = Miscarriage

The following races cannot hybridize with others:

Wisp ponies - only reproduce with each other

Chilopoda - asexually through fragmentation & regeneration

Zlimi - asexually through gemmules

Beaut - asexually through parthenogenesis

Kirin - born through magical means / spontaneous sentience

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  • Horned races naturally have a higher capacity for magic.
  • All winged races are capable of walking on clouds and manipulating weather.
  • There is a subset of races primed for agriculture known as the flora-aligned races.
  • Semi-aquatic races can live both above-land and below-water comfortably, but prefer land. True aquatics prefer water.

Designs & Colors:

  • Coats and hair may be of any color.
  • Eye color can be of any color(s) except absolute black or white.
  • Races who have specified markings must have those markings on their design.
  • Hybrids may combine any number of visual traits from their parents.