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Here is a list of sites you should check out and webrings I'm a part of! This also includes my own button, which you can also find on the Misc page. If you'd like me to add your button here please just let me know, I'll be more than happy to!


My Buttons!

Please download and host them yourself! Feel free to pick the colors that most suit your site!!

A small pixel of Kolo and the words 'Numbers Story'. Blue Dijamant Button Yellow Polumesec Button

Cool Sites!

Owlhari World of Gaia Pokeau Tovera Chronicles Orion Overdrive Enter the Sevenfold Spirits of Alaruk Draggian Universe Gaily Novelry Teres

Currently without buttons:
SolarisRPG / Asmoria


Aetherweave Worldbuilding Webring