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  • New story, Spaces Between Walls, added to Library and frontpage. Also bumped the violence rating for In All Reflections, which I honestly should've done with The Ruse lol


  • Seleighe Glossary done. Excuse any typos, I'm really tired.
  • Random Character Picker updated with ten characters.
  • Sorry for no updates, I've been setting up a new laptop. It's a lot nicer than my old one yet was on a fat discount. :)
  • Tiny Army Additions: Ausana, Ery (also Delta). Also added Scoria under Alpha, idk how I missed that


  • Tweaked the character boxes on the subdomain so that the "View Profile / View Gallery" links hopefully stop bouncing around.
  • Tiny Army Additions: Qwerty (also Pi)


  • Tiny Army Additions: (Fragments) Iolany & Iskander (also Pi), Key to Life, Serpent in the Water; (Flameverse) Khamdy, Xharde



  • Image Maps (like the ones on the Flameverse index) updated to use this script so they're mobile-responsive.
  • Library migrations: "A Sign of Solis" and "Tired Without Roads" moved.
  • Tiny Army Additions: (Seleighe) Lunar Eclipse, Lunis, Solar Eclipse, Solis; (Fragments) Scoria, Mylith, Trylliant, Perle


  • The Fragment Faction pages now have buttons to each other on their pages, so you can quickly tab between them without having to return to the landing page.
  • I've decided to start noting subdomain changes on this update feed to have it all in one place again, also!
  • Tiny Army Additions: (Seleighe) Apolune, Arsia Collis, Aure, Fomalhaut, Gloriana, Lacus Mare, La Salla, Stibi, Tascheter, Titania; (Fragments) Brine


  • Compressed the size of the background images; they're all at least 40% smaller. Should improve some load times.
  • Tiny Army Additions: Jaish, Iaraidhne



  • Updated Midnight Walks and In the Box (now consolidated) on the Library Page to point to the new subdomain. (Maybe I should stop calling it "new").
  • Random Character Picker updated with nine new babies.
  • Tweaked the Tiny Army so that the headshots should align better (hard-refresh to get the new stylesheet).
  • Tiny Army Additions: (Flameverse) Fizen, Ilex Spindle, Ancha, Vesta, Nenekti, Iclio; (Frags) Ophyeo, Beia, Wist, Noctia, Hail by Glacier, Spica, Heaven, Taffy, Ophion (it's been a hot minute...)
  • April updates moved to Older Updates page.
  • Follow me on ArtFight! I'll be participating again this year :)


  • Added some polls to the frontpage of the Character subdomain. Please give 'em a peek!
  • Tidied up the Worlds page so each world is in its own box. Hopefully it's easier to navigate at a glance.
  • Updated the "characterlist" image to correctly say "View All Characters at my Subdomain" instead of "Toyhouse". Compare:



  • Added "Bereave-related corruption", "corruption", and "magical corruption" to the Glossary page.
  • Added links to update page and links page on Misc, to make them easier to find.


  • Two new buttons you can use are now on the Links page.
  • The character subdomain now has "view all character" pages, both Globally and for Flameverse. Note that I don't even have like... a quarter of the characters up yet nor does everyone's links work :P



  • New short little story, A Very Cold Staircase, added to Library & frontpage!
  • Thanks for 100,000 views on Neocities :D



  • The RSS feed should, uh, actually be working now. It was running fine and then yesterday in prep for making it public I changed a bit of the script and forgot to adjust it to print to the actual feed, not the test one. You might have to manually ask your RSS feeds to download today's (last night's) post, which I manually sent out.
  • Tiny Army Additions: Meleph, Porcelain


  • The character subdomain now has a RSS Feed (officially!) for images, updates nightly at ~2:10 EST.
  • Added "combat mage", "healer mage", "practical mage", and "wardmaster" to the Glossary.
  • Tiny Army Additions: Ochre, Verdell, Ivory (also added to Iota), Mellifluous


  • Updated my Discord link to use my username (touched by the username plague). It's @numbersstory because Kolo was taken :(
  • Tiny Army Additions: Fearlock Rigid, Beyond Hope's Ocean, Mooncake


  • Tiny Army Additions: Nerrosa, Worm, Heart of the World (also redid Quinten, Festi, Arscay, and Priori).



  • Added the new chapter for In All Reflections, Victim of Magic, to the front page & library.
  • Tiny Army Additions: Cascade Circe, Preponderant Respite (also added to Alpha), "Dede Norep", "Dij Norep"


  • Bit the bullet and added a link to the Characters subdomain to the nav, even if I don't have as many profiles ready as I wanted.
  • Each Worlds' Characters nav button links to that respective worlds' page on the subdomain (not all are ready, though).
  • Removed "Original Timeline Chibis" page, I don't need it anymore (I just wanted to show them off haha).
  • Added a few more people to the Links page.
  • Moved March Updates to the Older Updates page.
  • Tiny Army Additions: Powdersnow, Ivy Trellis, River Pebble




  • Random Character Picker updated with nine new characters, and changed links to point to the subdomain instead of Toyhouse if a profile's been finished.
  • Tiny Army Additions: Arzhi (also added to "Rho" on the Original 24s page) and Frigid Wind.



  • Added "In All Reflections" to the Library.
  • Removed "Featured Literature" and "Featured Art" from this frontpage, as I'll be able to make those easier on the new subdomain.
  • The new subdomain now has its own little update box on its homepage and a list of completed profiles by date.
  • Characters subdomain also now has a random featured gallery & character on the frontpage. If this causes too much server stress I'll remove it though.


  • The tiny headshots on the Original 24 Timelines page have been updated to link to their profiles on the new subdomain.
  • Work progresses on the new subdomain. I would like to finish all the Magnitude Fragments and Original 24 Fragments before updating the nav here to include a link to it.


  • Some of the links on the Library page have been updated to point to the new subdomain.



  • Completed Aite's profile and Moon's profile on the new subdomain. Want to get a few more pages up before "officially" announcing it, though.


  • Adjusted the navbar to be more readable on mobile, and hopefully prepare it for a new addition. Remember to hard-refresh.


  • Added a Featured Story and Featured Art section to the homepage (mostly so I can show off some art). The homepage is getting a little dense now but I think it's fine....
  • Also added more fun facts.


  • New page, Original 24 Chibis with cute art of the Natural Frags of the Original 24. (You may want to hard-refresh to grab the new stylesheet rules).
  • Tiny Army Additions: Moon, Sun, Rose (also added to "Chi" on the Original 24s page).


  • Added a randomized Fun Facts section to the homepage.
  • Added a new links button to the homepage that leads to the Links page. Also moved the buttons to the bottom of the page.





  • Ported over the "simple" Sendrean Kingdoms page for Flameverse.
  • Added the national emblems/seals for the Holy Empire, Sendrean Kingdoms, and Verebriva pages in their introduction paragraphs.



  • Sorry for so few updates, life's been kicking my ass.
  • Moved February updates to the Older Updates page.
  • Tiny Army Additions: Beginnings and Endings, Clarity of the Wheel, Smudged to Sulfur Horizons (also added to "Psi" on the Original 24s page).




  • Well of Creation, Soleil, and Seleighe have had their CSS completed. (This means that all the World CSS is done!)
  • Addition of a new infographic on magical capacity added to Magic and God Spectrum pages.



  • Each World now has its own unique favicon of an important/main character. Here they are for those curious:
  • Added a sidebar image to the Library.
  • Added a "Worlds Graveyard" section to the Worlds page for abandoned projects.





  • Completed Behemoth page.
  • Very mild cleanup on the race pages, but the stylesheet does have some new rules.
  • Tiny Army Additions: Harvester Red, Sea's Diviner, View of the Sunrise



  • Added "Blessing", "Coalition of Reality", "invoke", "nature of reality", "true sentience", and "void / voidspace" to the Glossary.





  • Tiny Army Additions: Arco Iris, Erthos, Ivletri, Misya, Ometeotl, Ovy, Wage, Sundae, Cysawd


  • Changed where the fonts are stored; hard-refresh if you need.


  • All new images for the Basic Intro page are done.
  • A new image has been placed at the top of the Lore FAQ page.



  • Coded the races pages to be nicer; applied to ponies & rares for now. Will update the other pages when I write them up. Remember to hard-refresh!
  • Added some images to the General Information page to break up the text a little. More coming. Complete now.
  • Changed the <hr> tags to be a small pixel image instead. (Again, please hard-refresh.)
  • Other general code cleanup around the site.


  • Added seven new characters to the Random Character picker.
  • Prepping some pages for the new world, The House of Many Ghosts, in the background. (Call it "The House" for short.)


  • Moved the Timelines in the Notable TLs page into their own boxes for ease of reading.
  • Added a set of buttons to the Tiny Army that let you change the hover effect.
  • Also added some text underneath once a button is hit so you know what effect is turned on.
  • CSS made for Dragonhost!
  • Tiny Army Additions: Mellonia, Xuer, Lux, Kitten


  • Changed the link on the Timeline page from "tidbits" (which was linked directly above) to the Mag page, which also links to the Timeline page but does not have a navbar link to it OTL
  • Tiny Army Additions: Cradle, Tower (from The Poison Well!)


  • Added Cities of Ash, Fragments, & Magnitude Fragments CSS styling. Hard-refresh to see!
  • Also added a handy return-to-tidbits-page link in the breadcrumbs for the Timeline page.
  • Ported over Verebriva page from Toyhouse.


  • Added new story, The Poison Well, to the front page! Check it out, 12k words :)


  • Make sure to hard refresh to get the changes!
  • Adjusted where my images are stored a bit; if anything's not loading please lmk!
  • Adjusted CSS to use variables for all colors so I can make unique colors per world. So far, only Flameverse has its own stylesheet, but I'll add more later!


  • A few more CSS tweaks - making a universal class for the image zoom, for example.


  • Mostly cleaning up HTML on various pages & sorting my CSS better.
  • Notably changed the main Glossary to have the same styling as Flameverses' Glossary, because it looks nicer.
  • Remember to hard refresh to get the new stylesheet!


  • Touched up the Zlimi page a little, it really needed editing.
  • Work on the silly cat generator progresses! I've got all the Javascript done, pretty much. Asset time!


  • Added a little marquee of Uzerin and Quirmiz to the homepage, for fun.
  • Revamped Misc page to be more about the site and moved the personal blurb to another page.
  • Fixed the busted map spoilerboxes on Flameverses' page (oops)...
  • Tiny Army Additions: Dumortie, Vivinite, Vuaria


  • Added side images to Tidbits page and lengthened some descriptions.
  • Tiny Army Additions: Rohmiden, Sesriel, Dijocer


  • Added rounded borders to the details section, with summary gaining rounded borders when it's opened.
  • Working on other things in background, like a page describing the Original 24 Timelines and a list of Mag Frags. (Having to update a lot of old art, which is slowing me.)
  • Added more headshots to the Tiny Army.



  • Added four Fragment headshots to the Tiny Army; I'll be adding more soon!



  • Updated all uses of my hack-y accordion coding to utilize <details><summary></summary></details> tags instead. Pretty sure it's all, anyways, I didn't use it often.
  • Also ported over my custom scrollbar to the site. I already use it everywhere and I think it suits the colors of the site a bit better than defaults.
  • Added the image hover code to the frontpage so what part of the image-based navigation you're hovering on is clearer.



  • Drew a new set of tiny headshots for the Mag Frags & added it to the Tiny Army.


  • I added a Numbers Trivia Quiz to the site! It's 30 questions and includes fun little "rank" images at the end depending on the score you got.
  • Finally added the filler text & images for the aquatic races.
  • Also finally corrected the error on the Wasp sample image.




  • Ported over the Glossary and Languages pages for Flameverse.
  • Also cleaned up the main Flameverse page a bit. Most of the links still go nowhere (pages pending) but it looks nicer in the code editor now!
  • All the race images should now zoom in a little on hover.


  • Completed the Timeline page, woo! That means all the links in Tidbits have something written up for them.
  • Added the Sitemap to the Tidbits page, too.


  • Renamed "Quick Reference" to "Lore FAQ" for clarity, and (hopefully) updated all the links. Made the old URL redirect automatically, at least.
  • Did some mild restructuring of where a few images are stored, but nothing should be broken.


  • Embedded the old Mag Personality Quiz onto its own page because I still love it.
  • Removed Hantel from the Worlds page because there actually isn't enough worldbuilding in the setting to justify a section on it, and it's solely for roleplay.
  • Ported over the description for the Mag and Frag 'world' page.


  • New Bestiary banner added to all relevant pages.



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  • Added a "Character of the Week" block to the home page. Let's see if I can properly maintain it.
  • Also, happy New Year's Eve!


  • Added public links to the Bestiary page, even if it's not nearly done.


  • Completion of Zlimi page, except the banner (I'll have to draw one).


  • Ant page should be done, complete with images and more examples inserted.
  • Kirin page similarly done, with new properly-responsive images and Miscellany section.


  • Completion of first pass at Glossary page. Will add more terms as I think of them.



  • All of the new race templates are up except for Aquatics, who don't even have their proper page yet. If you aren't seeing the new images, make sure to hard refresh.


  • Wrote up the Standing City page for Cities of Ash.
  • Actually wrote the index page to have a proper introduction! More info will probably be added to it, but I can't think of anything right now.
  • Index page now has buttons for Updates & Todo so they're cute, and I made a little heart gif as well.
  • New headshots for Cities of Ash characters added to the tiny army.


  • Shifted meta questions from the Quick Ref page onto the Misc page where they're more visible... and it just makes more sense for them to be there.



  • The Calendar page is completed!
  • All remaining world banners are completed (Mag Frags, Frags, Hantel, Seleighe, and Soleil) and have been added to the landing pages.


  • Addition of a silly page showing off all the mini-headshots, as they're stored on-site for the races & worlds pages.
  • All previous uses of flexbox have been updated to be properly mobile-responsive; they'll now collapse into one column on smaller screens.
  • Ported over the Holy Empire page from the Toyhouse world.
  • Disclaimer regarding photographs used added to Misc.
  • Cleaning this up - after an email or two to the Neocities dev, both the broken pages and the lagging updates have been fixed. Hooray!



  • Finished coding the template for bestiary pages.
  • Drew the Dragonhost banner; added it to the banners page. Wrote the description for Dragonhost.
  • Drew a ton of supplementary art for the domestic cat bestiary page.
  • I think I drew the Myrme and Well of Creation banners yesterday but the update was too small to mention.


  • Made my site profile public on Neocities finally (I was too shy earlier....)
  • Drew banners for Flameverse and Cities of Ash.
  • Wrote up the description for Cities of Ash.
  • Redrew the little world thumbnails for this page. Also drew the little "View all Characters" and "Literature List" buttons.


  • Magic page completed!!



  • This was the day I transferred my domain registrar and began using this iteration of the site. Wanted to mark it down, even if updates aren't officialy "ready" yet.
  • Lots more updates happened between me finishing the magic page and now, but the site didn't even feel "ready" for an updates page until then.
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