A simple archive of my Pixel Cat's End cats.

The Tower rises above the pale treetops.

Fearlock Rigid

Fearlock Rigid

The Consultant

Obtained: Business Card
Genetic String: [C] [NS] [LL] [BBFD2] [YNST] [YY2C]

Profile Link: Not-Cat #130699

"The creaking of our contemporary is a music only I can decipher."

A not-cat that appeared at the edge of camp during a dark thunderstorm, claiming to be a local expert on the Tower. He spoke freely of exploring its ever-shifting, lower labyrinthine floors, and boasted of the mystical trinkets he'd pulled from its darker corners and shelves.

The camp silently stared as he presented, one by one, various things - a feather sheening golden, a spiked shape of metal, a shattered lantern that soaked in darkness. Each item glistened and glimmered, glowed with an alien alluring strangeness - calling out to be studied, understood, coveted, catalogued, obsessed.

Finally, Ghost of Books spoke - a quiet, cautious voice. "Why are you here?"

A grin flashed on his features. "Lay out a bedroll - I'll be your foremost consultant."