A simple archive of my Pixel Cat's End scenes and text.

The Tower rises above the pale treetops.

Journey to the Tower

At the Base

The Tower looms, a faint grey-stone bastion against the cloud-streaked noon sky, tinged blue from distance. Even from such a length, the groanings of its masonry and slight swaying echo through the wooded forest - a constant, rumbling reminder of the lurking structure.

Who built it and why? Where did it come from? What secrets were held beyond its thousands of locked doors? Such questions were ripe in Ghost of Book's mind as he led his small band to camp at its base, little paws crouched around a warm fire as whispers and speculation filled the air.

Their excursions have discovered little but dust, insects, and moth-eaten papers, but surely there must be something of note within the Tower....

Bread & Water

The clink of bowls fills the room, the smell of baking bread permeating every corner of the forest - a welcoming sign of civilization and home alike. On the Plains is silent as he dips the basket into the bubbling stream, and pulls forth a brimming bowl of fresh water. With careful paws, he scampers over to the repurposed house and sets it, gently, on the counter.

Perfect Panacea gives him an affectionate nod as he enters - in the midst of explaining something to Awe of Dawn, the kitten they'd adopted some time ago. Her eyes are rapt in awe as she blabbers a dozen questions, tail swishing side-to-side in excitement, stare focused on the map they'd bolted to the wall.

With a scuttle up the ladder, On the Plains pokes his head into the tiny belltower. Safe at Home is still sleeping softly, buried in some papers and notes he'd been pouring over regarding the Tower. On the Plains allows himself a small smile before dipping back down below. The basket has already been emptied into a pot boiling away, and he scoops it up once more.

Forming A Society

The Lakeside Cottage


Nesting Beans


Explorations & Discovery

At the Base

Fearlock Rigid's smile was confident and calm as he surveyed the proceedings. The two not-cats under his helm - The Foggy Water and Heart or Hope - await further instruction, nervously glanced from the runestones to the strange statue to the notes nailed into one of the rocks. Unease hung like a blanket fog over the quiet, secluded forest clearing - the type of unease when one realizes even the insects are silent.

But if Fearlock were scared, his face did not show it. Despite his sudden appearance in their burgeoning town, he had served as an excellent warrior and scout - quickly becoming Paragon Moon's top select for journeys close to the Tower's base such as this.