This page links to some pages that are important, but not quite important enough to be on the navbar. I don't like super-big navbars, so this page is basically a hub for information that isn't universe-specific but is important to understanding the worldbuilding as a whole. It's also a vague reading order of sorts.

Links marked with a * can be accessed from the global nav at the top of every page.

Uzerin displays a book to the viewer, titled Numbers Story.

Start Here:

Basic Introduction - a way to acquaint yourself with some concepts, albeit at the mercy of fast pacing.

General Information - a series of semi-universal information that applies to most mini Numbers universes. The most detailed page, but might not make sense without understanding concepts like magic or the god spectrum first.

Lore FAQ - goes over similar information to the above but in a more informal tone OOC. Good as a refresher.

Magic* - read about our special sentient juice!

Quirmiz looks at a stack of books, all named Numbers Story, stacked on his back.

Past the Basics:

Sentient Races* - all the different shapes mortals can be! (WIP)

God Spectrum - there are a lot of ways to be a god in Numbers (actually only like four sort of); here's all of them.

Calendar - a list of all months and generic holidays! Did you know a year in Numbers is 403 days long, and that every Midweek has reduced working hours?

Worlds* - check out some unique worlds within Numbers and their stories! You can find literature to read, universes and lore to explore, and characters to learn about!

Bestiary - animals!! Cute and horrific in equal turn! (WIP)

Deeper Lore:

Timelines - how exactly Timelines (and time travel?!) work in Numbers.
Psst - interested in more Timeline lore? Check out the Frag world page!

Glossary - universal terms. Specific universes may have their own glossaries.

Library - a sortable list of all published stories and fics.

Site-Related Stuff:

Fun Pages - a collection of fun stuff on the site or that I've made!

Contact Form - for sending messages and questions!

Links & Affiliates - other neat sites you should peep!

Sitemap - what it says on the tin!