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Song for your troubles, traveller (updated 2/1/23)

by MeiMells


  • Bestiary:
    • Felines: finished meutin, sphinx, fletchat, seleneco
    • Canids: finished ironwolf, deepwolf, timberwolf, sun/moon kits, iceox, swimmer's fox, mawfox
    • (Will eventually need to sort into sub-pages, probably (as quantity of animals increases))
  • Base Race Setup: done!
  • Base Race Lore: ✓ ponies X dragons X aquatic X bodyplan ✓ rare X other
  • Updated Race Images: done!
  • Variants to Draw: giraffe, shark, dolphin, whale, bat pony
  • Behemoth & Pygmy Behemoth: not started
  • Race Detailed Pages WIP:
    • Wisp ponies - needs side images & banner. Needs trivia.
    • Zlimi - banner needs drawn.
  • every single world page - don't look at me
    • Finish God-Hunter & Felled Gods pages for Cities of Ash.
    • Add Mags lore & nega-Mags. - WORKING ON IT
  • Explain the original 24 (with blurbs) - 12/24 done
  • I want an 'aquarium' type page with Uzerin and other behemoths. for fun
  • Click to get a random tiny headshot, like a gachapon? (I must learn javascript for this)
  • I want to make other fun stuff. dressup game? the thingy where you can drag around divs? design-a-scene?


  • Slow Words (story) - 32k words in baybee. it will probably end up being goddamn 60k
  • Where the Sun Goes (story) - 11k/~15k words?
  • Moondown map - probably 20% done, coasts are in, filling in rivers, stuff is plotted