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  • Well of Creation, Soleil, and Seleighe have had their CSS completed. (This means that all the World CSS is done!)
  • Addition of a new infographic on magical capacity added to Magic and God Spectrum pages.



  • Each World now has its own unique favicon of an important/main character. Here they are for those curious:
  • Added a sidebar image to the Library.
  • Added a "Worlds Graveyard" section to the Worlds page for abandoned projects.





  • Completed Behemoth page.
  • Very mild cleanup on the race pages, but the stylesheet does have some new rules.
  • Tiny Army Additions: Harvester Red, Sea's Diviner, View of the Sunrise



  • Added "Blessing", "Coalition of Reality", "invoke", "nature of reality", "true sentience", and "void / voidspace" to the Glossary.





  • Tiny Army Additions: Arco Iris, Erthos, Ivletri, Misya, Ometeotl, Ovy, Wage, Sundae, Cysawd


  • Changed where the fonts are stored; hard-refresh if you need.


  • All new images for the Basic Intro page are done.
  • A new image has been placed at the top of the Lore FAQ page.



  • Coded the races pages to be nicer; applied to ponies & rares for now. Will update the other pages when I write them up. Remember to hard-refresh!
  • Added some images to the General Information page to break up the text a little. More coming. Complete now.
  • Changed the <hr> tags to be a small pixel image instead. (Again, please hard-refresh.)
  • Other general code cleanup around the site.


  • Added seven new characters to the Random Character picker.
  • Prepping some pages for the new world, The House of Many Ghosts, in the background. (Call it "The House" for short.)


  • Moved the Timelines in the Notable TLs page into their own boxes for ease of reading.
  • Added a set of buttons to the Tiny Army that let you change the hover effect.
  • Also added some text underneath once a button is hit so you know what effect is turned on.
  • CSS made for Dragonhost!
  • Tiny Army Additions: Mellonia, Xuer, Lux, Kitten


  • Changed the link on the Timeline page from "tidbits" (which was linked directly above) to the Mag page, which also links to the Timeline page but does not have a navbar link to it OTL
  • Tiny Army Additions: Cradle, Tower (from The Poison Well!)


  • Added Cities of Ash, Fragments, & Magnitude Fragments CSS styling. Hard-refresh to see!
  • Also added a handy return-to-tidbits-page link in the breadcrumbs for the Timeline page.
  • Ported over Verebriva page from Toyhouse.


  • Added new story, The Poison Well, to the front page! Check it out, 12k words :)


  • Make sure to hard refresh to get the changes!
  • Adjusted where my images are stored a bit; if anything's not loading please lmk!
  • Adjusted CSS to use variables for all colors so I can make unique colors per world. So far, only Flameverse has its own stylesheet, but I'll add more later!


  • A few more CSS tweaks - making a universal class for the image zoom, for example.


  • Mostly cleaning up HTML on various pages & sorting my CSS better.
  • Notably changed the main Glossary to have the same styling as Flameverses' Glossary, because it looks nicer.
  • Remember to hard refresh to get the new stylesheet!


  • Touched up the Zlimi page a little, it really needed editing.
  • Work on the silly cat generator progresses! I've got all the Javascript done, pretty much. Asset time!


  • Added a little marquee of Uzerin and Quirmiz to the homepage, for fun.
  • Revamped Misc page to be more about the site and moved the personal blurb to another page.
  • Fixed the busted map spoilerboxes on Flameverses' page (oops)...
  • Tiny Army Additions: Dumortie, Vivinite, Vuaria


  • Added side images to Tidbits page and lengthened some descriptions.
  • Tiny Army Additions: Rohmiden, Sesriel, Dijocer


  • Added rounded borders to the details section, with summary gaining rounded borders when it's opened.
  • Working on other things in background, like a page describing the Original 24 Timelines and a list of Mag Frags. (Having to update a lot of old art, which is slowing me.)
  • Added more headshots to the Tiny Army.

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