Update Log

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  • Updated the character subdomain's dropdown; the "Frags" section now expands when clicked to show the faction pages instead of taking you solely to the index.
  • Added some more COR IDs after rereading the old trilogy to get inspiration.
  • Tiny Army Additions: Gabriel (Hantel), Carvodescent, Gimmick, Irii, Hummingbird, Oulike (some older Fragments)


  • Tiny Army Additions: Chomie (Hantel), Agreed, Citrus, Minty, Pastry, Verrassing, Wellov (some older Fragments)



  • Added a dropdown to the character subdomain's "Characters" nav so you can more easily jump to other worlds' pages without having to go through several indexes.


  • Updated the Frags literatures page with the new stories.
  • Ported over "Taking Bets" from Toyhouse.
  • Tiny Army Additions: Anael, Sidriel (Hantel), Justice (Well of Creation)






  • Lots and lots of minor cleanup around the site.
  • Separated out the meta stuff from the rest of the site.
  • Removed To-Do page; I'm storing it offsite now.


  • The Magic page has been updated with some cleaner CSS, some very minor wording tweaks, and new images (with captions). A new chart of the personal Magninium cycle has also been added.
  • Fixed up the CSS for galleryitems, made it a lot simpler and nicer.
  • General cleanup of a few other pages. Pruned the image RSS feed of old entries.


  • New story, And the Devil, added to Library but not front page (it's... really intense/violent so I don't want it to be some people's first impressions of Numbers lol....)


  • Significantly touched up the Basic Introduction page; added a section on the Nature of Reality, cleaned up how old Numbers is (13 years....) and added some links to the bottom for what to read next.
  • Ported over the Timeline page for Myrme - it'll probably be unfinished forever, though.
  • Also designed and finished the Clover ranks and Ink ranks pages for Myrme.


  • Where the fuck has 2023 gone
  • Created and laid out the pages for the Holy Empire characters and Sendrean Kingdom characters, though I need to draw a lot more tiny headshots & get more galleries on the site before they're filled out nicely.
  • Cleaned up general code across some Flameverse pages, including adjusting links to point to the subdomain instead of Toyhouse.
  • Kolo's 400 image gallery has been ported over, come destroy my bandwidth.



  • I think I've figured out a way for the RSS feed script to automatically figure out what folder it should look in based on the date, so I don't have to update it at the end of every month to check in the new month's folder. (While writing this update note I instantly thought of a bug that would happen and rushed to fix it. We'll see if it works come September 1st lol)
  • Tiny Army Additions: Focalor, Beleth, Baphomet, Scox


  • Updated the Seleighe literatures page with new storycard art and the updated links.
  • Tiny Army Additions: Fremyn, Nervous Dew (Fragments); Michael, Fanuel, Shanniel, Mammon, Zagan (Hantel)



  • New story (yes already), the longest entry for In All Reflections yet: From Bloom in Me added to Library and frontpage. Yes I am on a roll


  • Adjusted character galleries to display dates in a less ambiguous way and shrunk the date text a little. Example: Mivis' Gallery
  • Added more fun facts to the index. Now there's 123 total.
  • Ten more characters added to the Random Character Picker.
  • Added The House to Worlds page (maybe this will make me write down more lore).
  • Moved June updates to Older Updates, and added the Back To Top graphic to that page.


  • Tiny Army Additions: Nalezastria, Petyl, Sairset, Vinnly (also gamma)


  • Library Migrations: moved "Seed and Stone", "Instead They Always Shine", "The Creatures All Know", "Feed on the Traces", and "The Parking Lot".



  • Arranged the Fragment stories chronologically on their literature page (and drew almost all the icons, too)
  • Somehow I missed out on compressing the red and orange background images when I did that big compression sweep; they're compressed now.



  • Tiny Army Additions: Syrinx
  • Library Migrations: "The Vote" moved. Was a pain because I had to make a new literature controls script to work with the "forum" layout lol. But it looks nice and I liked it a lot more than I thought I would when I reread it.



  • Changed the font from Merriweather to PT Serif. Why? I stare at this site too much and I got bored of Merriweather.
  • Tiny Army Additions: Ferreon (also Zeta); (Mag Fusions) Cuboid, Torus


  • Relevant to no one but me, but I made myself a little frontend UI for adding and removing featured gallery images in the database :)


  • Added an animation showing how magink works to the General Information page.
  • Reworded the Fun Facts widget on the homepage and added more facts.
  • Tiny Army Additions: Yrviing (also Gamma).


  • Tiny Army Additions: Eyrie (also Gamma); (Well of Creation) Ailia, Ceera, Dite, Lyss, Rova, Velvet. That's all the WOC characters done!
  • Updated the Sitemap.
  • May updates moved to Older Updates page.

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