Update Log

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by MeiMells


  • Added a little marquee of Uzerin and Quirmiz to the homepage, for fun.
  • Revamped Misc page to be more about the site and moved the personal blurb to another page.
  • Fixed the busted map spoilerboxes on Flameverses' page (oops)...
  • Tiny Army Additions: Dumortie, Vivinite, Vuaria


  • Added side images to Tidbits page and lengthened some descriptions.
  • Tiny Army Additions: Rohmiden, Sesriel, Dijocer


  • Added rounded borders to the details section, with summary gaining rounded borders when it's opened.
  • Working on other things in background, like a page describing the Original 24 Timelines and a list of Mag Frags. (Having to update a lot of old art, which is slowing me.)
  • Added more headshots to the Tiny Army.


  • Added four Fragment headshots to the Tiny Army; I'll be adding more soon!



  • Updated all uses of my hack-y accordion coding to utilize <details><summary></summary></details> tags instead. Pretty sure it's all, anyways, I didn't use it often.
  • Also ported over my custom scrollbar to the site. I already use it everywhere and I think it suits the colors of the site a bit better than defaults.
  • Added the image hover code to the frontpage so what part of the image-based navigation you're hovering on is clearer.



  • Drew a new set of tiny headshots for the Mag Frags & added it to the Tiny Army.


  • I added a Numbers Trivia Quiz to the site! It's 30 questions and includes fun little "rank" images at the end depending on the score you got.
  • Finally added the filler text & images for the aquatic races.
  • Also finally corrected the error on the Wasp sample image.




  • Ported over the Glossary and Languages pages for Flameverse.
  • Also cleaned up the main Flameverse page a bit. Most of the links still go nowhere (pages pending) but it looks nicer in the code editor now!
  • All the race images should now zoom in a little on hover.


  • Completed the Timeline page, woo! That means all the links in Tidbits have something written up for them.
  • Added the Sitemap to the Tidbits page, too.


  • Renamed "Quick Reference" to "Lore FAQ" for clarity, and (hopefully) updated all the links. Made the old URL redirect automatically, at least.
  • Did some mild restructuring of where a few images are stored, but nothing should be broken.


  • Embedded the old Mag Personality Quiz onto its own page because I still love it.
  • Removed Hantel from the Worlds page because there actually isn't enough worldbuilding in the setting to justify a section on it, and it's solely for roleplay.
  • Ported over the description for the Mag and Frag 'world' page.


  • New Bestiary banner added to all relevant pages.