The Gods


A list of the Harmonics and Chaotics. very haphazard right now. need to figure out how to code it like i want (set up like a scrapbook of sorts?)


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Sphere: of Hope
Title: Patron of Phoenix
Pronouns: he/him

Felled By: Godscourge
Current Status: alive!

Once presumed dead at Godscourge's hands, Ocypete has re-emerged as the founder, protector, and leader of the Standing City, a beacon of safety and security for all who choose to make the long journey to its lone isle. He alone maintains the enormous protective ward-bubble that shields it from Godscourge's murderous wrath; if Ocypete's strength were to ever fail, the last bastion of mortality would collapse. He has not faltered... yet.

Notably, Godscourge did claim to have killed Ocypete during the Great Hunt. They are rather incensed at his survival.

A transparent, small piece of tape to give the illusion that the photograph is taped to the page.


Sphere: of the Heavenly Sphere
Title: The Eclipse of the Stars
Pronouns: he/him

Felled By: presumably the Leech
Current Status: ???

Solsurya once moved the sun, stars, and the moon, linked to the celestial bodies. By his magic, the sky turned around the plane of the world, and it was long believed that if his connection to the heavens was severed, the sky would cease to move and become frozen in time. Presumably, this superstition was untrue, as the sun continues to rise in the morning and set in the evening, despite no one hearing from him in centuries.

No hunter claimed credit for Solsurya's death, but it is generally attributed to the Leech. Still, some hold out a faint hope that a second god may have avoided true death....

phosphorus - harmonic of the eternal sphere
ocypete - harmonic of the hopeful sphere
solsurya - harmonic of the heavenly sphere
kherty - harmonic of the dead sphere
vitrephant - harmonic of the natural sphere
satetwer - harmonic of the aquatic sphere
oserparina - harmonic of the changing sphere
inminna - harmonic of the sound sphere

verpaya - chaotic of the empty sphere
zetes - chaotic of the apathetic sphere
attis - chaotic of the abyssal sphere
ysasse - chaotic of the decayed sphere
kizin - chaotic of the industrial sphere
xerett - chaotic of the violent sphere
mynvrai - chaotic of the hateful sphere
lylish - chaotic of the frustrated sphere