When the Source-All spoke the threads that would weave this world's fate, it spoke of love - of creation, of stars, of hope, of dreams, of beautiful existence. Its words were honey, its affection was milk, and it nourished the land. It tied the tether in a soul and called it the Heart of the World, and whispered the secrets of the earth into their ears. And the Heart looked out upon the world, and stretched both arms wide, and filled its new bones with infatuation - giving rise to the Dragonhost, the mortal-gods. And so it has been for eternity.

But no - for, though the Source-All spoke of beginnings, it also spoke of ends. All knew of the hushed World-Ender, the Herald of Armageddon, who would descend upon the dirt flanked by four heralds, and shatter every and all things. The Dragonhost has kept vigil watch for these heralds since birth - the only banner their politics and bickering does not interfere with. To the end of protecting the world, they have imprisoned the Heart in a tower; a beautiful tower, with all they could wish for, but a gilded cage.

What incredible idiots they were, then, that they let Worm walk right into the Heart's arms.

Character List


The Dragonhost - a list of the Dragonhost, protectors of the Heart (WIP)