The Dragonhosts


A very quick 'n dirty page of the Dragonhost themselves. This will look nicer when they're all designed.


Titles: Holder of the Harvest Moon, Junglebrush Queen
Affinity: Growth & Fertility
Country: The Gardens of Madera

The ambitious and aggressive leader of the Gardens, a superpower in both agriculture and war. Humid, frothing jungles cover the Gardens' territory, and the Gardeners have adapted to the harsh and tenuous environment with a vengeance. Masters of biological warfare, they enforce Madera's will with sharp blade and sleek venom.

Madera - Gardens of Madera

Silfani - the Mirror Province

TBN - North Barrens

TBN - Nysil Isles

Silfra - Clearwaters

Presque - Wyvern's Rest

Nane Eiar

Titles: Westerly Zephyr, President of Fohlaine
Affinity: Spring Showers
Country: Fohlaine



Titles: Azurian Royalty, Sea's Pearl
Affinity: Gemstones
Country: Azurian Bridge


TBN - Ebedian

TBN - The Noble Valley

Sepulveda - Flemith

Inari - Nimbian

TBN - Blackreach Atoll

TBN - Blackreach Colonies

Amminodite - Crimson Reach

Painite - Izeogar

Morion - Ivicyre