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Please see this page for the generic glossary; these terms are Flameverse-specific.

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Abyssal Ocean
A strange, mysterious ocean that strikes fear into all sailors who venture too far south. It comprises the southernmost waters and is notorious for the thick fog that seemingly swallows ships - and the constant presence of enormous sea-behemoths. Many myths and legends surround it, and it has claimed many lives since its inception. It seems to have a strange link to the deep trench, the Hole in the World, in the northern seas around Cadava. For more information on the various oceans and their names, please see this page here.

Alleria (ah-laer-ee-ah)
A word that can be used to refer to the Federated Union of Alleria as a whole (common), the small Allerian Territory within it (uncommon), the Allerian Lake in the heartland of the union (unusual), or the original Dukedom of Alleria that began a conquest of the Bivve lake valley to form the Union (rare). In Averillen, it means 'lakeside'.

Allerian Territory (ah-laer-ee-an territory)
The name for the westernmost territory within the Federated Union of Alleria, which was once the Dukedom of Alleria. It is the homeplace of Unea Earthbreaker, the founder of the Union. It is one of the border territories with Passane, and has recently suffered several severe losses. Its regional capital is Murias, and its people are Allerians (sometimes "Allerics" to differentiate from the Union).

Alleville (ah-lay-ville)
A city on the border between Passane and the Federated Union of Alleria. It was recently sacked by the army of Passane and brought under Passane control, and is the most devastating loss for Allerians in recent history. It was also notable for being the last battle Tine Lumes participated in before retiring temporarily to raise children.

Altvaer Territory (alt-vair territory)
A small territory within the Allerian Union compressed by the Oftvaer Territory to the north and the Corve and Tevash to the south. Its lands connect to the Vaervan Valley, the only known and legal access point to the Vaervan Kingdom, making it a central key to the Allerian Union's relationship with the advanced country. Its regional capital is Gorias, and its people are called Altvaerans.

Alveta (ahl-vey-tah)
One of the suns in the sky, Alveta is the only one left unbroken. It shines bright yellow and is never seen without its twin, Gavelta. Seeing it shine every morning is a sign of comfort to many. It and Gavelta are known as the Lover Suns.

Ardor (ahr-door)
One of the major world religions of Flameverse, which believes that the ten creator gods died after setting the world into motion with their holy Flames. The direct creator deity, Yerxes, was explicitly murdered by the 'empty' god Aither in order to sunder Flame from them and allow the gods to craft the world. All life returns to Yerxes at the end of a cycle, and Aither will help begin a new world through the divine murder once more. Ardor religion is commonly practiced in Lacraya, Chellabra, and the Isle of Shattered Stars. More information on the Ardor is here.

the Ayi (eye-yee)
One of the religious leaders of Iah-Yah, believed to be a reincarnation of the deity of the sun. Considered the more emotional and impulsive of the duo, the Ayi is believed to hold great magical power within them and may perform miracles during famines or disasters. Once the Ayi dies, their replacement is searched for from all newborns by the Nhest Temple.


An animal who has become warped and crazed by accumulating vast quantities of Magninium too quickly. Behemoths are typically massive in size, mutated beyond recognition, and are drawn to large pockets of further Magninium to feed upon - which typically means cities. They are a constant problem for many countries in Flameverse, who employ guilds and hunters to take them down without loss of civilian life. Some behemoths grow intelligent enough to communicate with mortals, and some whose growth was slower may retain some sanity, but this is somewhat rare.

Bivve (bihv)
The smallest continent, situated in the northeast of the world. It is consumed by a brutal war between instigator Passane and the other countries on the surface. Much of the surface is badlands, mountains, and volcanic chalk flats, though the center is dominated by a large lake network and some forests. Many refugees flee from Bivve to either Cadava or Lacraya.


Cadava (cah-dah-vuh)
The northernmost continent, which comprises an enormous ice cap covering the edge of the world. It is a frigid and hostile place, with few settlements, and is dominated by the enormous canyon Worldshear which is full of caustic liquid Magninium. Though it accepts refugees from other continents, it is not a friendly place.

Callawen Island (caal-ah-when island)
A large tropical island off the southwest coast of Bivve, once occupied by Passane. It achieved independence primarily due to the Celfoss, a group of Dominion Flames who launched an attack on Passane during the Battle of Dorvaen Pass. Known for its unique flora, fauna, drakes, and worship of the Celfoss, it sees a surprising amount of tourism. People from Callawen are called "Celleons" and speak Islic/Common and some Passen.

Candescent Court (can-dess-cent court)
The governing body of the Holy Empire, the Candescent Court is made entirely of Flamed individuals. Their jobs are numerous, ranging from assisting various regions of the Empire with their needs to presenting potential new laws to the Emperor for ratification. All new Flame in the Empire will shadow under a Court member, and may chose to become one themselves if they so desire. Court members do not serve for life, but many are signed on for indefinite terms, and will only leave once they've become disinterested in the public forum.

the Celfoss (cell-fauss)
The protectors of Callawen Island, sharing similar Flames and an affinity for drakes/reptiles. There are seven "Main" Celfoss, who are the patrons of the seven Callawen cities and work the closest together, and numerous "Minor" Celfoss that fill in for Mains when they are sick, field questions on their behalf, and assist in managing the island.

Cellest (sell-est)
The city-state that governs and manages the Isle of Shattered Stars. It venerates the Dominion Flame Falacer Furina, who saved them from the tyranny of Adleri Avast long ago. It also manages and taxes ships passing through, and employs guard ships to police the seas and offer protection from pirates and sea-behemoths both. People from Cellest are called "Cellestians" and speak Islic/Common.

Chellabra (chell-ah-brah)
A midsized continent in the southwest of the world, primarily consisting of desertous dryland and high, rugged mountains. It is notable for being rich in minerals and gemstones, which it sells for a tidy profit to the other continents. Its people are united under one country: Maweth, a theocracy that venerates Mewt Mavet as a living god and reincarnation of the Ardor supreme deity Yerxes.

Chendre (shen-drah)
An old, theocratic nation that once held strong in the center of the continent Chellabra. It heavily worshipped the Ardor deity Mesechev, and was notable for being the birthplace of Mewt Mavet and his stronghold during his rise to power. During the Unification War, it was ultimately destroyed in favor of the supernation Maweth.

Chendren (shen-dren)
The language spoken by Chendre, and officially dead. Its only living speakers are the members of Mewt Mavet's personal cult, the Dewclaws, who operate secretly and carry out his orders/enforce his laws. Members who leave the Dewclaws are personally mindwiped of their knowledge of the language by Mewt Mavet.

Cirshiva (sir-shee-vah) or Circia's Port (sir-cee-ah's port)
A city-state on the southernmost tip of Cadava, founded by the folk hero Circia. It is notable for being Cadava's trade "capital" and where most boats dock to do business. It is the most populated city on Cadava and hosts a bustling marketplace. The people of Cirshiva are known as "Cirshivans" and typically speak Islic/Common. The word "Cirshiva" in Cadavan Runic translates literally to "Circia's Port", but it is considered rude not to call it Cirshiva.

the Clerisy (clair-eh-see)
The religious group governing Sarens, who convene with the sun/moonshards to receive visions and powers. Though all of the Clerisy are chosen by the shards, only the deepest circle regularly interact with them. Their work is transcribed by dedicated scribes and they are cared for like royalty in Sarens, given any material desire they could wish for and access to anywhere within the country. They are led by the High Cleric, who is chosen by the sunshards, and the Lunar Luxe, chosen by the moonshards.

Common Knowledge
The scientific term for the knowledge that all individuals come to possess as they reach puberty. It includes a vague understanding of language, the ability to speak a common tongue (Islic/Common), basic arithmetic, and several other scattered bits of information. It is a known phenomenon in all of Numbers and is essentially a person's soul-Magninium reading and understanding the world around it.

The Confederation of Gweneth (gweh-neth)
The only other country on Cadava, comprised of many small fishing villages and larger estates along the warm Gweneth Lake System, unified in order to better represent themselves in global politics. They are split into three subregions with officials representing the general populace. Most of the time, it is preferred to specify what subregion a person belongs to; however, "Gwenethians" can be an appropriate substitute. They typically speak Islic/Common and Cadavan Runic.

Corve Territory (cor-vuh territory)
A wide territory within the Allerian Union, comprised mostly of swamplands and bogs. Though once derided for its reliance on the agriculture of the other territories, the discovery of skyquartz in its swamps and the regional waters - a precious resource coveted by the rich Vaeravn Kingdom - swiftly made it one of the wealthiest generations ago. Its people still reap the rewards of this skyquartz, though there is a growing concern of overharvesting it. Its capital is Ahallace, and its people are Corvens.


the Dewclaws (dew-claws)
Mewt Mavet's personal cult and handmaidens, who serve him both personally and as enforcers. They are split into a handful of branches, each of which governs in Mewt's stead and is guided by a Captain, elected by Mewt himself. Easily identified by their hooded uniforms, Dewclaws ensure Mewt's law is upheld, that he is satisfied and pampered, that new Flame are harvested to be given to him, and that the territories of Maweth are behaving well. They speak Chendren to one another to preserve the secrecy of the cult, and are hand-approved by Mewt when requesting to join.

Dominion Flame
The most powerful tier of Flame, above Harbingers. Dominions are incredibly powerful and incredibly rare. Hosts of Dominions are often important figures for various reasons - infamy, good deeds, politics, war, protection, etc. - and are well-known throughout their operating regions.

Dravi Territory (drah-vee territory)
A larger territory within the Allerian Union, covered mostly by the haunting Nyxic Woods. The Woods are magically dense and labyrinthine, making them near impossible to navigate, though the edges are sometimes harvested for lumber. Dravi's proximity to the Passane front combined with few natural resources outside of the Nyxic means it is one of the most dependent territories on the stability and resources of the Union. Its capital is Tells' Post and its people are Dravis.

The act of hosting two separate Flames in one's body. The Flames grant the host both their unique powers, but also mix together and grant a third unique power. Such a mantle is difficult for mortals to feed, as both Flames hunger to be stoked and tending both may be difficult. In addition, if the Flames are of vastly different heats, the higher will consume the lower. Still, being dual (or triple) Flamed is seen as incredibly lucky, and individuals with multiple Flames are well-known and renowned.


Epsileta (ehp-see-let-ah)
One of the broken suns in the sky, Epsileta is an omen of dread and fear. Significantly smaller than the other four and an ugly, bloody red, it only appears alongside the Lover Suns and never Kaiota or Lamnicron, and certainly never appears on Grand Days. Many consider it a sign of extreme bad luck or a warning, and try to avoid making business deals, bets, or risks while it is out. Those who practice Herald worship see it as a sign a Herald is displeased or approaching. It is seen most commonly during Amaridan.

Esponett (ess-poe-net)
The lowest caste within Iah-Yah's caste system - essentially, indentured servitude. As people without wealth, they enter into various contracts with higher castes in return for a sum of money after their contract expires or is fulfilled. They have no rights beyond what is outlined in their contract, and many have dozens of binding clauses or difficult methods to break the contract. Though, it is not unheard of for an Esponett to rise to a higher caste.

Evenne (ee-venn (basically 'even' with a long first e and stressed second syllable))
A mysterious island, once west of Bivve, now south of Lacraya. Not much is known about the island, save for its ability to move and cloak itself, and many theories flitter between people of Flameverse... though it is just as often the butt of jokes of an impossible nature ("Did you get that job?" "Yeah, they're transferring me to Evenne). Passane once launched an invasion on it, but it disappeared before anything of substance occurred. Its people are Evennites, and it is presumed they speak Islic/Common.


Fervor (fur-vore)
One of the major world religions of Flameverse, which believes that four creator gods watch over the world to select pious individuals that venerate their concepts, and grant them good reincarnations in the next kalpa. The kalpas are perpetuated by the fact that not all the world adores the Fervor deities, which allows the world-eater god Vallha to gain power until he eventually corrupts the kalpa and murders the creator gods. Being creator gods, they are simply reborn, defeat Vallha, and begin the next kalpa - and this cycle will only end when all the word loves the Fervor. Fervor religion is commonly practiced in Bivve, Cadava, and some parts of Moondown. More information on the Fervor is here.

The Federated Union of Alleria (federated union of ah-laer-ee-ah)
An enormous country comprised of thirteen territories in the central lake valleys of Bivve. They were unified by Unea Earthbreaker, who overtook the region under the banner of her homeland, Alleria. The Union's territories are somewhat independently governed and managed, but assist one another and obey the same federal laws. They are the primary force battling Passane on several warfronts. One may refer to their people as "Allerians" or the demonym of their home territory (preferred). Allerians speak Averillen, Passen, and Islic/Common.

First Moon
One of the moons in the sky, First Moon is the only one left unbroken. It is also the largest of the moons by an impressive margin, and is of a shiny light gray color. It is always full, and is a sign of comfort to many.

The keystone of Flameverse - augments that accent one or more of an individual's personal conceptual wavelengths. This page has more detailed information.

The state of hosting a Flame. Contrasted with "Unflamed".

Forging a Flame
The rare act of crafting one's own Flame, somehow, after their birth and without taking it from another person. The forging of new Flame is incredibly rare - especially if that Flame is of a high heat naturally. Many consider the 'age' of forging new Flame to be largely over, having ended soon after the gods created the world.


Galiete (gah-lee-et-ay)
The fourth-highest caste of Iah-Yah, though the distinction between Galiete and Valiete has been lost somewhat. Traditionally, Galiete are town guards, military, and quarantine patrol - as they are paid by the governments of regions and receive sizable sums/serve as the hands of the Vetenne. They are considered to be of equal authority and influence as Valiete, and indeed many are referred to as Valiete. Generally, "Galiete" has become a term for low-ranked military individuals whose only form of wealth or power is solely through service, without connections, networks, land, or other goods to maintain their position.

Gavelta (gah-velt-ah)
One of the broken suns in the sky, Gavelta is bright orange and is never seen without its twin, Alveta. The two are the only suns that are constantly seen in the sky, and gently orbit each other as they cross through the ecliptic. It and Alveta are known as the Lover Suns.

Glory Flame
The fourth most powerful tier of Flame, below Throne but above Pillar. It is also the tier of Flame where the host gains true Immortality, and can only be killed if their Flame is removed from them somehow.

Grand Day
A celestial event that occurs roughly once a year unpredictably. A Grand Day is named such as the four main suns - Alveta, Gavelta, Kaiota, and Lamnicron - are all visible in the sky at once. Grand Days are celebrated as rewards and good omens, and most businesses shut down to allow their workers to celebrate and party. Ardor practitioners in particular see it as a gift from their god of the sky, Mesechev.


Harbinger Flame
The second most powerful tier of Flame, below Dominion but above Throne. Typically, Harbinger Flames are born with their power, and are culturally considered to have unlucky or unfortunate Flames (especially when contrasted with Dominions, which are stereotyped as being benevolent and godly).

Harveta (har-veh-tah)
The second sister-moon that follows the First Moon across the night sky in a random state of waxing or waning. It is associated with good harvests and bountiful feasts. Many use Harveta's moon phase in conjunction with her sisters' as a means of scrying.

Haunelle (hawn-ell)
The third sister-moon that follows the First Moon across the night sky in a random state of waxing or waning. It is associated with spirits, ghosts, wraiths, and the dead. Many use Haunelle's moon phase in conjunction with her sisters' as a means of scrying.

The official term for how hot a Flame burns, which dictates how powerful it is and how often it can be used. In order from strongest to least, the heats are: Dominion, Harbinger, Throne, Glory, Pillar, Wings, and Servant. Though technically all mortals have some Flame within them, their Flames' heat is so low it is practically invisible, and below the level of a Servant.

the Heralds
A minor religion focusing primarily around occultism - specifically, small sacrifices to keep heralds of destruction, plague, disasters, etc., at bay. Sightings of the Heralds are considered severe bad luck, and willingly communicating with them in some fashion is inviting one's own destruction. The Heralds are most prominently seen in Bivve, but some worship(?) of them has made its way to Moondown as well. More information here.

The Holy Empire
The hegemon of Lacraya and the largest nation on the continent, the Holy Empire is a refuge for Flames and accepts immigrant Flames without question. Primarily an agrarian society, they rely on the huge number of Flames under their banner to provide for the mortal populace. Notably, they have always held the Blue Flame of Victory - considered holy by Ardor worshippers. People from the Empire are known as "Empiras" and they speak Lacraeic and Islic/Common.

Howina (how-ee-nah)
The first sister-moon that follows the First Moon across the night sky in a random state of waxing or waning. It is associated with transformation, change, beasts, bones, animals, and blood. Many use Howina's moon phase in conjunction with her sisters' as a means of scrying.


Iah-Yah (ee-ah-yah)
An enormous nation on Moondown, bordering the haunting Maiden's Tangle. As one of the oldest and most well-established nations of Flameverse, Iah-Yah is wealthy, and has a semi-strict caste system based on personal wealth and public works. A religious government heads the nation; lead by the Iya and Ayi, who are reincarnated upon death and serve for life, believed to be young gods cast out of heaven to educate themselves, but most day-to-day governing is handled by the highest local castes. Most commonly, its people speak Holysong and Islic/Common, and are referred to as Iah-Yans.

the Isle of Shattered Stars
A miniscule continent uniquely situated in the center of the others, which has allowed it to become the trading capital of the world and a stop for all ships travelling the seas. It features the Moon-Sister-Lagoon, where a piece of the Red Moon fell into a pool of water and granted it powerful healing properties, and one of the last major shrines to the Ardor god Mesechev after Chendre was destroyed. It is unified loosely under one banner: the city-state of Cellest.

Islic (is-lick)
The language of the Isle of Shattered Stars, comparative to Common in most other Numbers universes. Islic is seen as the universal tongue and is spoken by seafarers, diplomats, and politicians regularly to communicate to one another. Part of its commonality is attributed to the Isle's constant hand in global politics and ability to spread their language to every continent. Is is also the common knowledge language of Flameverse.

the Iya (ee-yah)
One of the religious leaders of Iah-Yah, believed to be a reincarnation of the deity of the moon. Considered the more logical and coolheaded of the duo, the Iya is nevertheless captivated with the Ayi and serves as protector and limiter both. Once the Iya dies, their replacement is searched for from all newborns by the Nhest Temple.


A period of high activity from the Maiden's Tangle, wherein its attacks are more ferocious and often more directed, especially at weak points on the Quarantine Border. Junglestorms are most common in humid seasons and can last up to a month. The best response is plenty of mages and flamethrowers.


Kaiota (kai-oh-tah)
One of the broken suns in the sky, Kaiota is a vibrant and lush green. It is the third most common sun, often appearing next to the Lovers. It represents exploration, curiosity, and affection, and is known as the World Sun.

Kashenvt (cash-en-vt)
The second-lowest caste in Iah Yah, comprised of poor laborers, farmers, and mine workers. They are not locked in indentured servitude as Esponett are, but make up the vast majority of the low classes and have little vertical mobility in part due to their relative lack of education and free time. Some may still enter into contracts with higher castes in order to improve their wealth, but do not forfeit their current belongings.


Lacraya (lah-cray-ah)
A midsized continent in the southeast of the world, similar in size to Chellabra. High cliffs on all coasts save the west have isolated the few countries on its shores, further separated by high mountains - but connected through the powerful Savalla River that runs down its center and out to the west. It has become well-known as a safe haven for Flamed individuals seeking asylum - or an alternative for mortals looking to forge life anew.

Lamnicron (lamb-neh-kron)
One of the broken suns in the sky, Lamnicron is a deep blue and the largest. Sometimes called the Ambition Sun, it inspires people to take risks and act courageously.

Lavnicre (lahv-neh-cray)
The third-lowest caste of Iah-Yah and one of the more populated, Lavnicres are considered "middle" class: they earn a respectable salary, most likely own their own homes, and live comfortably. They duck the responsibility of the highest castes' expected monetary contribution, and are safe from the lower castes' lives of hard labor, and are seen as the national 'average'. Foreigners to Iah-Yah, unless notably refugees or exceptionally poor, are generally considered Lavnicre at default.

Leviathan (leh-vie-ah-than)
A specific species of large aquatic life that are semisentient and generally friendly. This is only here to clarify that a "leviathan" and "sea-behemoth" (see definition below) are separate creatures and are not synonyms.

Luma Territory (loo-mah territory)
One of the northernmost territories within the Union of Alleria, situated around the Luuna Lake. They are close with their sister-territory Soma, and the two have traditionally been allies and worked together to preserve the Solla-Luuna Lake System that feeds the Allerian rivers and lower lakes. Its cold temperatures mean that many settlements are tight-knit and somewhat isolationists. Its regional capital is Selene and its people are called Lumans.

Lunic (loo-nick)
The proper, formal term for someone who hails from Moondown, derived from the old name for the continent. Laypeople often substitute "Moondownian", "Moonic", "Moonish", etc., in its place, but "Lunic" is the only recognized demonym.


Maweth (maw-weth)
The supernation that comprises the entirety of the continent of Chellabra, Maweth is a theocracy that venerates the living god Mewt Mavet above all else. It is fully dependent on Mewt's magic to provide enough food to feed its populace and perform miracles across its deserts. Mewt's personal cult, the Dewclaws, enforce his laws and rule, and harvest newborn Flame for him to consume, as is his supposed right. Those from Maweth are called "Mawethians" or "Mewians" (and sometimes simply "cats"), and speak Purren almost exclusively.

The Maiden's Tangle
The sentient jungle that grew on the continent of Moondown after the Sunbreak. It seemingly seeks to consume all the land on Moondown, as well as grow into the oceans, and must be constantly combated by teams year-round to prevent overgrowth. Mystical and wild, people sometimes disappear into its depths and receive visions of the Maiden, a figure said to be the gardener of the jungle and intrinsically linked to it. Those who have visions are accepted into the feral tribes within, but those who do not are rejected and banished from the jungle.

Mewawa (mew-wah-wah)
The enforced religion of Maweth, which states that Mewt Mavet is a reincarnation of the central Ardor god Yerxes, and that the world belongs to him. It centralizes him as a benevolent, kind ruler who seeks to end the cycles of rebirth and alter this world into a paradise for all mortals. As a reincarnation of Yerxes, all Flame rightfully belongs to him, and new Flame in Maweth is harvested and presented to him.

The largest continent, whose size so vastly dwarfs the others that it has never been properly charted, mapped, or even estimated. Though its shores stretch endlessly, it is plagued by the Maiden's Tangle: an enormous, sentient jungle that covers the vast majority of Moondown and seeks to consume the entire continent. It was once known by another name, but it has been lost to time after the Sunfall and Moonfall's shards largely fell onto Moondown.

See "Sunfall".

See "Sunshards".


Northern Plains Territory
A centralized territory within the Allerian Union, and its breadbasket, situated neatly between many of its lakes. Most of its crop is shared at a discount among the other territories, and has been a sore point for Plainser traditionalists for years since the Union formed. Though it is outspoken about its distaste for having to "serve" the rest of the Union, the pressure Passane places on neighboring Alleria and Dravi Territories have silenced some complaints. Its people are Plainsers, and its regional capital is Buveri.


Oftvaer Territory (awft-vair territory)
An Allerian territory situated along the Oftvaer Lake, comprising part of the border with the Vaervan Kingdom. It is a rocky and mountainous place, though a powerful trading district due to its lake's prime location. There are some accusations that it illegally mines the Viavista Mountains, which are technically Vaervan sovereign land. Its regional capital is Axin and its people are called Oftveers.

Ollen Territory (ohl-len territory)
The smallest of the Allerian Union's territories, Ollen was formed by a noble family pledging themselves to Unea's banner well before she approached them with her army. This earned them the right to negotiate their continued rule over their ancestral lands - helped by the fact that Ollen was rather unappetizing, with few bounties and a low population. Its people are Ollics, and its regional capital is its sole major city, Neso.


Passane (pah-sawn)
A militaristic, industrial nation comprising the western coasts of Bivve. It has instigated many wars and seeks to conquer the rest of the continent for reasons somewhat obscure. It is infamous for its invulnerable leader, Tine Lumes - which has enabled them to remain a constant threat despite the strength of the Union of Alleria and its supporters, as Tine alone can clear entire battlefields. People from Passane are known as "Passanes" and typically speak Passen.

Passen (pass-en)
The language of Passane, and the one traditionally taught in its education system. It relies heavily on Magninium to enforce nuance and meaning to its words. Many people outside of Passane learn it in order to intercept and interpret Passane information.

The conceptual wavelength of a particular Flame - or, in other words, the "concepts" that grant it power. (i.e. the Blue Flame of Victory's passion is Victory). Each passion has a unique color (often with an adjective of some sort) associated with it.

Pillar Flame
The third weakest tier of Flame, though Pillars are the second most common. This is the heat at which many Servants quickly stoke to and remain at for the rest of their lives, as Pillars are not Immortal. Many are eager to hopefully rise and become a Glory Flame.

An object that has attained too much Magninium within itself and spontaneously gains a minor form of sentience. Being comprised of few conceptual wavelengths, they are obsessive about the purpose of their object and repeatedly, endlessly, demand to be used in that context (i.e. a sentient teapot wants to hold tea, brew tea, pour tea into cups, and be used for making tea). If allowed to accumulate more magic, a puppet will eventually become a pygmy behemoth, but they are often instead destroyed due to the annoyance of keeping one around.

* Kirins are technically puppets, but have attained vastly more magic in a much quicker timeframe, which allowed them to attain true sentience and a body mimicking the mortal races'. Kirins' object core cannot be removed from them without killing them.

Purren (purr-en)
The language spoken in Maweth - a deeply-divorced dialect of Chendren. It is compulsorily taught in Maweth, and all legal documentation and records are written in it. It is so ubiquitous within Maweth that many residents can barely speak Islic/Common, despite it being the common language.

Pygmy Behemoth
A term that is somewhat misleading; a pygmy behemoth is the natural next life stage of a puppet and is not truly related to behemoths at all. Where behemoths are animals that have acquired too much Magninium, a puppet (and pygmy behemoth) are objects that have acquired too much Magninium and attained sentience. Pygmy behemoths in particular unknowingly generate their own bodies around their object-core during self-realization, in a method similar to Kirin, and achieve true sentience and personhood. They are universally sane, unlike their larger cousins, in part due to the fact that their accumulation of magic was slower.


Quarantine Line/Border
The line maintained by the country of Iah-Yah that separates them from the Maiden's Tangle. It is filled with magic circles holding the jungle back and patrolled daily by the local Ant colony in order to prevent the jungle from growing into Iah-Yah's territory. Its long history of successfully containing the Tangle is a major point of pride for Iah-Yah.


The Reaches Territory
A northeastern territory within the Union of Alleria, pressed in the Clay Valley between the Porcelain and Viavista Mountains. It is heavily secluded from the other territories, and has developed as isolationists due to its low natural population and little need of federal Allerian resources. It is also considered one of the more forgettable Allerian territories, and rarely does its governor travel to federal meetings. Its regional capital is Thoroughfare and its people are called Reachers.

An "alive" being, created artificially through a mixture of inorganic materials and limited quantities of Magninium. This Magninium can be "programmed" by manipulating its conceptual wavelength in order to ensure certain behaviors and actions are prioritized or followed without fail. Robots are not truly sentient (at least to start with), cannot use magic, and have bodies typically made of metal. Technically, any magical construct intentionally created is a "robot", but it's most often used to refer to creations resembling the sentient races. In Flameverse, only Lurifax has uncovered the secret of robot creation - in part due to his Flame - and is the only one (not on Evenne) that can make them.

Ruby Moon
A small, ugly red moon that occasionally appears in place of the Sister Moons, and eerily follows the First Moon across the sky. It is always full, but is seen as an omen of bad luck or a warning, similar to Epsileta. Occasionally, it can be seen in the sky along with Epsileta, which is a devastating sign.


Sarens (sah-rens)
The coastal nation of Moondown, situated on two enormous penninsulas on the eastern edges of the continent. Deeply religious, Sarens is governed by the Clerisy, who recieve visions when they touch the sun and moonshards that fell onto Moondown and were gathered. The Clerisy sends Serenes on divine quests, and attain strange powers from the radiation of the shards. Their longheld rivalry with Iah-Yah has cooled in recent generations, thanks in part to the civil war within their neighbors. Its people are Serenes, and speak the Serene Tongue, some Holysong, and Islic/Common.

A variant of behemoth that spawns from an aquatic creature. They differ from their land-bound counterparts in that they are only capable of attacking coastal cities, but are vastly more common and more difficult to track due to the size of the oceans and their ability to slip away into the Abyssal Ocean. Not to be confused with Leviathans, which are a specific large seafaring animal species.

the Sendrean Kingdoms (sen-dray-ehn kingdoms)
The only nation on Lacraya to control coastline low enough for ports and docks, Sendrea has long reaped benefits of being the continent's trading capital. Money flows freely within its borders, though its people are staunchly divided between the twelve city-states that banded together under the banner of Sav in an age past. Its people are Sendreans, and speak Lacraeic and Islic/Common.

Servant Flame
The weakest tier of Flame, lower than Wings. Servants are weak enough that their hosts may go their entire lives without realizing that they are Flamed in any capacity, but in turn, Servants with simple passions can be stoked into higher Flame incredibly quickly. They are the most common form of Flame.

The act of cutting a Flame through multiple methods and removing it from its host, either partially or entirely. Typically, a Flame is sheared in childbirth and passed on to the child, but there are secretive methods of shearing Flame outside of this known method.

the Shrine of Shifting
The blessed church of Mesechev, and the largest shrine to him left after Chendre's dissolution. It is located on the Isle of Shattered Stars, on the north side of the lagoon across from Cellest. It is staffed by a dedicated clergy who welcome both Ardor pilgrims and tourists.

Sister Moons
A term used to describe Howina, Harveta, and Haunelle, three small broken blue moons that follow the First Moon across the sky like ducks. Every night, each one shows a unique state of waxing or waning. The Ruby Moon is NOT a Sister Moon, nor is the First Moon.

Soma Territory (so-mah territory)
One of the northernmost territories within the Union of Alleria, situated around the Solla Lake. They are close with their sister-territory Luma, and the two have traditionally been allies and worked together to preserve the Solla-Luuna Lake System that feeds the Allerian rivers and lower lakes. It is considered the final frontier for Allerians due to its inhospitable winters. Its regional capital is Artemi and its people are called Somish.

A catch-all term for multiple methods of checking if an individual has a Flame of any heat, and guessing at its color and passion. It is difficult and imprecise, though skill can be garnered through great effort and practice. Expert soot-seers are rarely wrong, but there are few experts in existence, and they are all typically Flamed themselves in some way. Though soot-seeing is not common, any area with a large population of Flame will have at least one.

The act of empowering a Flame, possibly to a new heat, by doing things that align with the Flame's passion. Some Flames may struggle to be stoked, while others may stoke quickly - it depends on the concepts of the Flame and how deeply the host resonates and accepts those concepts. The highest heat a Flame typically can be stoked to is a Throne.

A term that describes the mysterious event in which all but one of the suns and moons both shattered, exposing the rich Magninium cores within. The shards fell onto the ground, irradiating it and inflicting strange visions and mutations - largely on the continent of Moondown and the Boiling Sea. Those who look up at the broken celestial bodies experience effects similar to touching the shards themselves. To this date, there is no known explanation for the event. It is also sometimes called "Sunbreak" or "Moonbreak".

The term for the shards of the suns that fell to the land during the Sunfall. If referring to both the Sunshards and Moonshards, simply "shards" is acceptable.

Syrinx's Ferry (seh-rinks' ferry)
A sizeable boat manned by the Dominion Flame of the Sea, Syrinx. It travels around the world in a loop and takes on passengers for a nominal fee, carrying them (but with little to no cargo) between the continents in a predictable pattern. It is famous for never capsizing or being attacked and being granted passage/docking permission by all nations, even Passane. When not at sea, she is moored in Tashen. Her real name is Graceful Wave, but literally everyone calls it Syrinx's Ferry, including Syrinx himself.


The term for the original countries of Moondown that were consumed, violently, in one night during the Sunfall by the Maiden's Tangle as it grew rapidly. Though in professional and academic contexts, 'tanglelost' only refers to these ancient societies and ruins, many laypeople use it to describe anyone or anything that has been drawn to the Tangle and fled to its depths.

Tashen (tash-ehn)
A seafaring country in the southeast of Bivve, notorious for its bounty of fish, constant trade, sea-and-water houses, and Syrinx's Ferry. It is also notable for having a representative democracy, one of the few in the world, and has been a long ally of the Union of Alleria. They support the larger nation by supplying it with seafood, supplies, and weapons, as Tashen does not share a border with Passane and depends on Alleria to keep it that way. People from Tashen are known simply as "Tashen" and speak Averillen and Islic/Common.

Tevash Territory (teh-vash territory)
One of the southern territories within the Union of Alleria, bordering the nation of Tashen. Indeed, the Tevash and Tashen people were once one and the same - separated as Unea Earthbreaker, founder of the Union, could not manage to siege Jine City. To this day, Tevash and Tashen maintain friendly relations. Its regional capital is Tevalin and its people are called Tevish.

Throne Flame
The third most powerful tier of Flame, below Harbinger but above Glory. Thrones are typically the upper limit for individuals stoking their own Flame to higher heats, as the gap between Thrones and Harbingers is difficult to bridge.


Umersii (oo-mare-see)
The second-highest caste of Iah-Yah, comprised of the clergy and landowners who do not qualify to be Vetenne, either through owning only small tracts of land or lack of liquid assets. Despite not being Vetenne, Umersii are significant in day-to-day politics as Iah-Yah's laws are entirely based on the whims of the landowners who own the dirt upon which buildings and homes are constructed. As such, they work closely with Vetenne to ensure civic success for their local areas - typically while avoiding the public scrutiny of Vetennes. Clergymembers are considered Umersii, and enforce the Temple's laws across the country, which supersede Umersiin law.

The state of lacking a Flame. Contrast with "Flamed".

Union Territory
The central territory of the Allerian Union, encompassing the enormous Alleria Lake, the heart of the Allerian river system. Union Territory has the lowest population, being primarily an administrative district and a neutral ground for the territory's leaders to convene to discuss the nation, laws, and its future. Unionhold, the regional captital, sits on a series of large islands within the center of the lake, and contains many governmental buildings. The few people that call it home are Unionists.


Vaervan (vair-van)
A word in Averillen that means "next-to-mountains".

Vaervan Kingdom (vair-van kingdom)
A isolationist, mountainous kingdom in the west of the continent Bivve, renown for its technological advancements and secretive government of the Triune. While not hostile to outsiders, it turns away almost all immigrants, and is always interested in profiting off its inventions. Within its borders is Olym Keep, the highest-security prison in the world. It also uniquely produces cores and sells them to the warmongering countries of Bivve. People from the Vaervan Kingdom are known as "Vaerens" and typically speak Varish.

Valiete (vah-lee-et-ay)
The third-highest caste of Iah-Yah, and considered "upper middle" class. Though their wealth pales in comparison to Vetenne, Valiete are often business owners, inheritors, merchants, scholars, and retired mages. They have enough connections to be called upon by Vetenne once plans are laid and support is required, but often do not have the authority or influence to put laws or ordinances into action themselves. They also typically do not own any land - a distinction typically reserved for Umersii.

Van (van, sometimes vahn)
The Averillen word for "mountain". Sometimes also spelled Vaen.

Varish (var-ish)
An obscure and difficult-to-learn language hailing from the Vaervan Kingdom. It is typically used in place of Common/Islic, Averillen, or Passen within Vaervan, and is what their records are transcribed in. Despite its difficulty in learning and low amount of tutors available, immigrants are expected to already be fluent in it when applying to live in the Vaervan Kingdom.

Verebriva (vair-eh-bree-vah)
The northernmost country of Lacraya, covered in snow year-round. Though it has coastline, none of it is at sealevel - instead being sheer cliffs hundreds of feet tall. As such, it is highly isolated from the rest of the world, and actively detests Flame after being controlled and manipulated by powerful Dominions in its past. With a hardy, self-sufficient culture, it venerates the ideals of a warrior and outdoorsman, following in the footsteps of sacred liberator Saen, their hero-king. Its people are Verebrivans, and speak almost exclusively Lacraeic.

Vetenne (veh-tenn)
The highest caste within Iah-Yah, the Vetenne are the cornerstones of Iah-Yah culture. They are expected to be pillars for their local community, bankrolling festivals, public works, and new jobs - the stereotype of a Vetenne is someone who is always busy, with fingers in dozens of pies and fiercely prideful of their chosen city/territory. There are often multiple Vetenne to a single region who have likely accumulated their wealth through unique means, but work together for the common goal of embettering their region.

Visia Territory (viz-ee-ah territory)
A southern territory of the Allerian Union, and a close ally of Tashen. It has long been embroiled in conflict with Passane over Lake Vis, which it derives its name from, its people oft studying the unique ecosystem of the warm lake. It struggles to uphold its border, having lost the large city Vismina ages ago, and depends heavily on the Union for assistance. Its people are Visians, and its regional capital is Visca.

Vollan (vaull-anne)
A small nation within Passane, though it is close to the Allerian Union. A spat between two members of the Passane Honorary Royal Family resulted in Vollan's secession from Passane and resultant independence. It has survived, primarily, due to immortal Tine's lack of presence at the battlefronts, and the outpouring of Allerian resources into what they consider to be a sizeable distraction for Passane's forces. Its people are Vollen, and speak Passen and Islic/Common.


the Western Dominion
A series of small city-states on Bivve that banded together to defend themselves from encroaching Passane. They all lie within the Valley of Veles, between towering mountains and said to be the sacred land of the Herald of Death. The only true entrance to the Valley is through the Dorvaen Pass, which the Dominion's member-states defend aggressively. Despite being unified in their worship of Veles, many members bicker over exact interpretations and specific festivals. Its people prefer to be called the demonym of their city-state, and speak Averillen, Passen, and Islic/Common.

Wings Flame
The second weakest tier of Flame, below Pillar but above Servant. Wings Flames are rather rare, as many Servants will either fail to stoke their Flame higher, or quickly rise up to at least Pillar through their own actions. In some areas, Wings Flames are stereotyped as having some sort of identity block or issue that prevents them from accepting their Flame and stoking it higher.

An enormous canyon, so large that it can be seen from anywhere on Cadava. It splits the continent in twain and is filled with caustic liquid Magninium, meaning it is too dangerous to explore, chart, or study meaningfully. This magic seeps under the permafrost and glaciers of Cadava and breaks through the ice in areas called the Seeplands. No one has an explanation for Worldshear's existence, but Ardor myth claims it is where Aither murdered Yerxes, where their bodies fell and bled out.




Yerxes (yurx-ease)
The central god of the Ardor religion; its creator god. Died in the process of creating the world, and source of all Flame, which returns to them at the end of a cycle.