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Though Bivve is the smallest continent, its nations have been broiled in conflict nearly since its inception, clashing sword and shield over land, resources, and worship. Many a state points to the country of Passane as the initial aggressor - headed by his Majesty Tine, a warlord hellbent on overtaking the continent.

Money and blood flow through its ports and valleys, fed by the war machines at every border. The metals and cores in Bivve's many mountains are churned into weapons and siege engines, keeping industry and self-sufficiency high. Dozens of biomes dot its landscape, but there is precious little time to admire them.

Character List

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Important People

A pixel headshot of Tine.
, the Immaculate

A pixel headshot of Sihreen.
, President of Tashen

A pixel headshot of Feiwyrm.
, leader of the Celfoss

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War and power define Passane, who has come to blows with its neighbors for centuries over land, resources, and politics, headed by Tine Lumes - blessed with a Flame that prevents all harm to his body, perfectly unkillable. Though its military is by legions the strongest on Bivve, fighting a dozen warfronts have spread its resources. The battlefield, however, is a distant memory in its heartland, filled with beautiful orchards, gushing waterfalls, and volcanic chalk flats.

The Federated Union of Alleria
Covering the central swath of Bivve, Alleria controls the inland lakes and the rivers connecting it to the surrounding ocean. Initially conquered by Unea Earthbreaker to serve as a forcibly-unified front against Passane, after her death her daughter arranged for some semblance of power to be returned to the occupied territories, and managed a constitution managing the Allerians' dynamics, though backstabbing, politics, and self-reliance mar their cooperation.

Passane's closest hostile neighbor, directly to the east, border-marked by one of Alleria's rivers draining into a basin. Once upon a time, they had been the same nation - until one of the Passane honorary royal family snubbed the duke of Vollan, who seceded with the support of Alleria - upon which they still depend. For centuries thereafter, conflict has broiled over the river, which regularly runs red.

The southernmost nation on Bivve, primarily a naval power and unique for its democratically-elected government. Their ships tower in their harbors, guarding the trade vessels on their ways to southern Lacraya and western Moondown. Houseboats drift among the gentle waves, nervously ready to evacuate should any of the borders break and let the capital collapse. Though they do not share a border with Passane, fear rules their lives regardless.

The Western Dominion
The Dominion is a group of nations and city-states clustered to the north of Passane, sharing a common culture in their worship of the Herald Veles. Nestled in a vivid valley with only one pass serving as entrance and exit, they have unified their military and industries in order to stand against the antagonistic Passane. Day and night, they guard the Dorvaen Pass, and skirmish with the border patrols of Passane and Vollan.

The Vaervan Kingdom
Above the other nations of Bivve and their wars, Vaervan looks down on the others from the tips of Mt. Zellm. Curved around the mountain's exterior, through its caves, and criss-crossing its peaks are its cities of science, where they compress Magninium into cores via a jealously-guarded process. These cores are sold at a premium to the warring belligerents, and Vaervan sits pretty in its glass towers of logic and rationality.

Callawen Island
A large island off the coast of Bivve, once under Passane's control and filled with highly-magical creatures, including several strange varieties of drake. When they lost the Battle of Dorvaen Pass, Callawen's Celfoss suddenly rose up to declare independence. A secretive group of powerful Dominion Flames, they protect Callawen from threats, cherishing the strange flora and fauna that call the unusual island home.


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