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Cadava sits as the last bastion before the encroaching polar ice cap, a frigid and harsh continent. Not only do temperatures struggle to climb above freezing, the colonization of the land is marred by the Worldshear - an enormous canyon, visible from even the coasts, that cleaves Cadava cleanly in half. With depths too great to explore and poisonous Seeplands of irradiating magic, it is the perfect place for criminals and refugees to disappear.

All are welcome to its borders, so long as they pay for citizenship - but to expect handouts or help is a fool's errand. The glaciers are as unforgiving as its people, sculpted by the blizzards and poison.

Character List

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Important People

A pixel headshot of Circia, a pale woman with long icy hair.
, Lady of the Ice

A pixel headshot of Frostflake, a grey shark with short neat blue hair.
, Ghost of the Depths

A pixel headshot of Cast, a brown mage in wizard's clothes.
, Explorer of the World's Edge

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Cirshiva / Circia's Port
The southernmost tip of Cadava belongs to Cirshiva - or Circia's Port, to outsiders. Founded by Cadava's personal hero Flame, Circia, the port trades with the other continents, and begrudgingly accepts refugees and criminals fleeing persecution. The old fort - its original iteration - still stands in the center of town, looming judgmentally over the subdued and cold denizens.

The Confederation of Gweneth
United by the Treaty of the Lake, the Confederation is a group of loosely-allied nations eager for more global power and influence. Its 23 member states have been grouped into three political regions: Volla, Lake Gweneth, and Oadamina. Controlling Cadava's lake/river system and the runoff from the Seeplands, they seek to use these tools on the international table.

Places of Interest

An enormous canyon that divides Cadava in half, visible on the horizon from anywhere on the continent. Its depths are dark and deep, cutting sheer cliffs into the earth. Creation is said to have begun here in myth - where Aither struck down Yerxes in Ardor legend; and where Vallha's body rests in Fervor. Some expeditions have tentatively explored upper regions of Worldshear, but high death rates and lack of funding prevent further exploration. It is presumed that the bottom holds raw Flame and Magninium, which drains out into the Seeplands - the only evidence that Worldshear contains anything at all.

More of a region than a nation, though cult activity within the Seeplands have unified it somewhat. Comprised of radioactive, dangerous runoff from Worldshear, the Seeplands are uncharted and dangerous territory, uncontrolled and unclaimed. Within its poison rivers, however, lies pure Magninium and Flame in raw form - a treasure found nowhere else.


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