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The southeasterly continent, primarily badlands, mountains, tundra, and a few scattered pine forests. With its closest neighbors being Chellabra and the Isle, it has remained isolated for most of its life, with only its coastal nation taking advantage of its gentle waters.

However, the Holy Empire's growing power and embracing attitude towards Flames have made Lacraya a hotspot of powerful Flame refugees, fleeing prosecution, regulation, or abuse on the other continents. Such a host of individuals have brought international attention to its borders - especially as the newest Emperor's twin Flames are akin to a deities'.

Character List

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Important People

A pixel headshot of Peaches, a yellow character with light blue horns and silks.
, the Holy Emperor

A pixel headshot of Saen, a yellow character wearing a pale blue tiara.
, Sword Saint

A pixel headshot of River, a blue water dragon with rainbow horns.
, Patron of the Savalla

A pixel headshot of Meria, a blue unicorn with massive amounts of white hair.
, Ruling Sendrean Crown

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The Holy Empire
Lacraya's hegemon, which tends Flame and has historically been led by an Emperor wielding the Dominion Blue Flame of Victory. Though most of its lands are barren and unsuitable for farming, most settlements line the fertile Savalla River Valley. Despite its low populace and low quality of life, the Empire out-produces most other nations in new Flame and stokes them the easiest.

The Sendrean Kingdoms
The westernmost nation on Lacraya, the Sendrea Kingdoms are a group of loosely-allied coastal duchies that originally united to end squabbles over taxation and trade. In their dazzling, rich cities, ambition and money flow from hand to pocket to position - a fabled land where anyone can become anything.

Dense pine forests coat Verebriva wherever snow-filled tundra fades. The eldest nation still on Lacraya, its history has been darkened by antagonistic Flame and their resultant aversion. Though hardship defines its people and unforgiving land, Verebriva still holds its head high, venerating the powerful warriors who defended it from those corrupted by their Flame.


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