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Calling Moondown the largest continent does not accurately depict its size, nor the way it dwarfs every other landmass by dozens of times. So enormous is it, that the majority is uncharted and the exact size uncertain - with only guesstimates based off poorly-funded seafaring expeditions.

For the central swath of Moondown, seemingly endless, is an ever-expanding, living jungle. Called the Maiden's Tangle, it violently grows ever-forwards. Strange creatures and apparitions plague its feral denizens and borders, supposedly a result of the moon and sunshards that fell onto Moondown's lands.

Character List

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Important People

A pixel headshot of Amalthea, a peach character with green hair and wings.
, High Cleric

A pixel headshot of Iocaste, a gray character with straight silver hair.
, Lunar Luxe

A pixel headshot of The Maiden, a orange character with many pink and blue wings across their body.
The Maiden
, of the Tangle

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Recent civil war between the Iya and the Ayi have decimated the country, which has been under martial law for some years now. Still, it holds its borders, which extend from Sarens to the edge of the central Maiden's Tangle. Reunification would still be on the table, if the Ayi could be found. Some suspect they still hide in Iah-Yah's many humid swamps, deserts, and mountains

Sarens, a small forested region, is located in the east of Moondown, at the site of the eponymous sunshards and moonshards. Highly religious, they follow a unique religion, guided by the Clerisy - powerful healers who deliberately touch and convene with the shards. Xenophobic, they are wary allies of Iah-Yah, though staunchly remember the two countries' bitter rivalries.

Places of Interest

The Maiden's Tangle
The Tangle, a wet jungle, is by far the largest region on Moondown, caused by rampant growth attributed to the sun/moonshards. It dominates the continent and is constantly growing, its vines and plants stretching and reaching into the civilized nations. Feral and untamed, though not always deadly, the Tangle is often the choice of many runaways, who shed society and subsist in commune-like tribes.

Moondown Wilds
The uncharted westernmost edges of Moondown, whose seaborders were only discovered after expensive expeditions around the coastlines. As the Tangle is impossible to chart, estimating the Wilds' size is difficult - though its existence is clear, as the flora of the Wilds actively resist the Tangle's encroachment, attacking or choking invading vines and roots. Sightings of settlements have been reported, but concrete evidence has not been found.


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