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The Sendrean Kingdoms


The Sendrean Kingdoms are the only country on Lacraya to boast habitable coastline - and thus have become its naval power and trade capital. Wealth flows through the cities of Sendrea like water - in tandem with the Savalla River, their lifeblood, on whose banks their cities rest.

Once a group of bickering city-states, they were united under the banner of Sav during the Liberation War. Now, the Kingdoms are unified in purpose and ideals - though each noble family Crown maintains control of their city-state, vying for power and influence.

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Demonym: Sendrean
Capital: Sav's Hollow
Largest City: La-Flor-Eterna

Languages: Common, Lacraeic
Religion: Ardor
Population: ~15mil

Important People

A pixel headshot of Meria, a blue unicorn with massive amounts of white hair.
, Lavaranna Crown

A pixel headshot of Jather, a grey character with purple hair and white streaks.
, Jallvyon Crown

Basics: Culture

The cornerstones of Sendrean culture are the Savalla river, commerce, individualism, and city pride. A hotspot for small businesses and entrepreneurs, Sendreans firmly believe that anyone can become anything with enough dedicated hard work and time. Many individuals join guilds looking for work, study, and community; for many Sendreans, they are not considered an adult until they have joined a guild. Though immigration between cities is not uncommon, Sendreans do tend to differentiate between city natives and outsiders.

The Savalla river allows for express trade between cities and with the greater world, as her wide but gentle waters can accommodate many ships. Its preservation is a key point of Sendrean culture, and many consider the river to be the lifeblood of the nation. It is named after Sav, the heroic Flame who helped unify the bickering Sendrean kingdoms into one solidified nation, who is idealized and mythologized as a clever, intelligent negotiator with a cool head.

Sendrea is split into two "sections": the Upper Kingdoms situated on top of Sav's Ridge, and the Lower Kingdoms below the cliffedge. The Upper Kingdoms control the locks that allow ships to rise up the side of the cliff and are somewhat considered wealthier, but there are no substantial differences otherwise.

Basics: Cities

The Sendrean Kingdoms are comprised of a set of city-states along the Savalla River, save for the capital Sav's Hollow. The largest cities are La-Flor-Eterna, which sits on Lacraya's coast; and Gloria-des-Nobles, the wealthiest and unofficial "leader" of the Crowns.

The city-states, starting from the end of the river where it empties into the sea, are:

  • La-Flor-Eterna, house Equeflore
  • Alma-Flows-Rio, house Kattlevern
  • Vacuna-on-Savalla-Side, house Quarteelia
  • Corcel-Viaje, house Dhlexevm
  • Caja-Evera, house Reverstia
  • Mar-ve-Mar, house Lluuna
  • Selva-Rides-Low, house Nolvune
  • Ridge-Sobre-Edge, house Covingbeck
  • Gloria-des-Nobles, house Lavaranna
  • Among-Marisma, house Morduva
  • Verano-Sea-Breeze, house Heminghous
  • Levels-Acerca-River, house Jallvyon

Basics: Foreign Relations

On Lacraya...

The Sendrean Kingdoms are filled with coin and material, which they gladly trade to their stalwart allies of the Holy Empire. Despite the economic closeness of the two nations, they are culturally at different extremes - with the poorer agrarian Empire a far cry from Sendrea's rich imports and entrepreneurs.

It has little contact with Verebriva, sharing no borders with it.

Elsewhere in the world...

Many goods arrive at Sendrea from every continent, as do refugees. Most will either settle in the "seaside" cities of La-Flor-Eterna or Alma-Flows-Rio, or if Flamed, travel through Sendrea to reach the Empire. As such, Sendrea is rather welcoming to immigrants and has even instated several Fervor chapels in some towns.

It is stereotyped as being very wealthy, where money can buy anything - even Flame.