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Past the Canthores Mountains of the Holy Empire lies the frigid, high-altitude tundras of Verebriva. Separated from the rest of Lacraya, Verebriva has always been fiercely independent and isolationist. Deeply unfriendly to Flame after a long history of prosecution by them, they regularly expel Flamed individuals across the mountains... or down the seaside, sheer cliffs.

The extreme temperatures and conditions within Verebriva liken it to its cousin: Cadava. Indeed, both regions venerate strength, self-sufficiency, and skill - though Verebriva only has one "folk hero": legendary warrior-king Saen, who freed them from Flame rule.

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Demonym: Verebrivan
Capital: Fortress of Verglas
Largest City: Fortress of Verglas

Languages: Common, Lacraeic
Religion: -
Population: ~4mil

Important People

A pixel headshot of Saen, a yellow character wearing a pale blue tiara.
, Sword Saint

Basics: Culture

Verebriva is an unforgiving place, and its people are equally hardened. Self-sufficiency and self-defense are key tenets of Verebrivan culture, who believe in the strength of the individual and independence. Being a powerful warrior ensures survival for one's family - defense against wild animals, skill in hunting, and autonomy are integral when one lives in remote, frozen forests with little to no other people to rely on. Though Verebriva does not frown upon the existence of those unable to defend themselves, they do not consider them highly.

In addition to this, many Verebrivans have little to no knowledge or interest in the outside world. As all of their coastline is impassable, enormous cliffs, they have no maritime trade; enormous mountains cut them off from the Holy Empire, restricting land trade. While this does prevent outside technology from making its way within, it has also allowed unique Verebrivan inventions to flourish, such as the flintlock rifle. Mages are rather uncommon, thanks to a lack of meaningful gemstone deposits, and are highly regarded in communities.

All Verebrivans are united in their worship, protection, and adoration of Saen, their warrior-king who liberated them from Marary (who is, of course, detested). It's not uncommon for teenagers to go through periods of disparaging Saen as rebellion or siding with Marary, but many grow out of it after seeing the horrors that Mene Herne (and other Flames within Verebriva) inflict. Many Verebrivans are concerned of Saen's health and age, and are keenly interested in his safety, believing he has earned this protection for his great deeds.

Basics: Cities

There are few cities in Verebriva, in part due to how harsh the land is. It is difficult to sustain a large population, and thus the country is the smallest on Lacraya, both in size and people. There are some small, unnamed villages scattered around the heartlands and near the pine forests, however.

From largest to smallest, its cities are:
The Fortress of Verglas

Basics: Foreign Relations

On Lacraya...

Verebriva once claimed all of Lacraya under its banner. Several wars wrenched the Sendrean Kingdoms and the Holy Empire from its grasp, and it has since bowed its head to the Empire - deferring to its decisions and deporting Flames to its borders.

Elsewhere in the world...

Importing little and exporting less, Verebriva is barely a blip on most other countries' radar. Wholly disinterested in global politics, Verebriva is content to merely exist as it always has, untouched for centuries.