Impossibly tiny, strange pieces of the progenitor deities, scattered amongst the Timelines when the Main Timeline was born. They awoke, slowly, to a strange new world, each Timeline unique, some born into voidless chasms, some finding fellow Fragments, others completely alone. And collectively, they realized, 'this world is special. I have to protect it.'

So they set out, as individuals and groups, fighting and skirmishing and agreeing and allying and politicking. As time wore on, several enormous umbrella factions emerged, consolidating great numbers of them under certain banners. The largest of these is the Coalition of Reality, dedicated to the preservation and categorization of Timelines.

But there are as many factions as there are individuals, and infinite nuance between even that. Conflicts brew and churn, spurred on by the inevitabile arguments that arise with the protection of billions.

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Timelines - an introduction to Timelines and how they function in Numbers, the domains of Fragments.

Notable Connected Timelines - a list of important Timelines, their names, and brief descriptions.

Original 24 Timelines - a list of the first Timelines ever made, predating the Main Timeline.


Stuff coming soon. COR, black market, haven, shards, unaffiliated

The Coalition of Reality - the powerful organization that, arguably, controls all of Frag culture.

Mag Cultists - those who worship the Mags as true deities.