Notable Connected Timelines


A messy list of notable, significant, or important Timelines - most likely mentioned within a story. This page is only lists Connected Timelines; there is a page on the Original 24 Timelines, and an explanation of Timelines themselves.

Significant Timelines

Very important places that are either mentioned often or are known by many Frags in-universe.

A-1 / The Main Timeline

The source of all Connected Timelines, which use it as a template with minor deviations. Despite the name, Connected Timelines do not "branch" off of the Main Timeline; they are disparate entities.

COR Headquarters

A pocket Timeline that holds the Coalition's headquarters building, which houses many Frags and is connected to the secondary pocket Timeline of the Sanctum. It will get its own detailed page eventually.

AAA-100 / Triple One Hundred

Though physically small compared to other Timelines, Triple One Hundred has an extremely high number of natural Fragments - well over six thousand - while having almost no Gladar or mortal population. They have formed several communities of their own, becoming a pseudo-village of Frags that emulate some kind of mortal life.

Though AAA-100 is registered with the COR and allied with it, they are not a meaningful part of the COR government or systems, and Frags from AAA-100 are not expected to report their identities, meaning exact population is only an estimate.

AA-91 / The Great Pink Sea

Notorious for birthing new Fragments, AA-91 is a small Timeline whose most striking feature is the enormous pink ocean that surrounds the main island within it. Frags, most of them pink, are born out of this ocean and are educated on the main island. Most of these Frags end up leaving the Timeline due to its size and lack of mortals, either joining the COR or finding an orphan Timeline.

Though not a COR Timeline, most of AA-91's permanent residents are registered with it.

The Haven / Sundae's Haven

An artificial Timeline, also known as a "pocket" Timeline, the Haven is a safe place built for former COR members to flee to. Within the Haven, they are not expected to work or uphold the COR's ideals of Timeline protection, and may live a life however else they wish. The entire Timeline is watched over and maintained by Sundae, a former COR Overseer and Pyatiugolnik-Blessed, who left the COR for similiar reasons and wanted to construct a place for refugees to flee to.

KJ-204 / Hive Headquarters

A Timeline without an independent mortal population, KJ-204 is a labyrinthian maze of buildings, corridors, structures, and rooms, serving as the main hub for Shestiugolnik's Hive and the dorms for a huge array of permanent residents. Its confusing layout makes it a pain for outsiders to navigate, though the Hive can rely on the collective hivemind to make it through the dozens of similar hallways. Though there are beautiful parks and outdoors areas as well, most of the Timeline is office and storage space.

The entire Timeline smells faintly of honey. Shestiugolnik himself can commonly be found within KJ-204, and it is not a COR Timeline. There was once a bustling mortal hub within the Timeline, but it was assimilated as the first Timeline inducted into the Hive and much of its populace has been redistributed to the new buildings.

XJD-9054 / Castle of the Diamond Collective

An enormous open-air courtyard separates a small city of resident Gladar/mortals and the looming, enormous palace of the Diamond Collective that oversees them. The Collective manages around three thousand Timelines from this base, serving as the home of the high-ranking operatives and the place where Dijamant himself arranges governance, hiring, or expansion.

Despite the idyllic scenery, the Castle is often beset by moderate rain and snow. It is not a COR Timeline.

MIX-120123 / The Playground

The main hub for Prizma's small subset of Timelines, which he manages and tweaks to his specifications. MIX-120123 specifically is always aware of his presence, and worships him as the Lily of the Sands. Comprised of a proper Timeline structure, with a Universe Core, it nevertheless has been repurposed to have Universe Core serving as a single hub for even mortals and the location of Prizma's temple, which is situated on an enormous desert near the center of the Core.

It is not a COR Timeline and does not accept visitors to itself or the other Timelines under its control.

O-1000 / The Osculamdere Pavilion

A secretive and hidden place, the Pavilion is the supposed location of a cult of Kolo worshippers. Given that most Mag cultists are reclusive, it comes as no surprise that the COR has no documentation on whether or not the Pavilion exists, its location, or its history. It has been tenatively assigned a designation based on some assumptions put forth by supposed visitors. Many Mag Researchers are keenly interested in its potential existence, as those Blessed by Kolo are hard to find, let alone interview.

Very Minor Timelines

These Timelines have, at best, a passing mention in a story or bio, but are catalogued here for posterity's sake.

DS-999129 / Dream City

Dream City is a popular Frag hotspot, comprised of many small "towns" that serve as backdrops to roleplay. Its proprietors encourage Frags to visit and play out living like a mortal, doing their best to emulate the lives of those they are sworn to protect. Though opinion of Dream City varies, it has a dedicated and loyal core fanbase.


A popular drinking spot for Fragments, noted for its spectactular sunsets, archaic technology, and good drink. Being a BA Timeline, it was largely empty safe for a handful of Gladar, and was easily repurposed into a Fragment hangout.


Notable for being a Timeline that Dijamant is in control of, and the original home of E-784 Uriel, the only known defector from the Diamond Collective that joined Shestiugolnik's Hive. As such, it has been the object of some interest and scrutiny, and the source of a minor friction between the two Mags.


One of the earliest Timelines induced into the Hive, and the home Timeline of Shestiugolnik's other guard, an Allocer from Hantel.