The Original 24 Timelines

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The first Timelines ever conceived and created, the Originals are an incredible piece of living history and art, being the first stories spun by the creator gods in the early years of the known world. However, their status as ancient and unfinished amateur passion projects has left them in various states of disarray - often missing integral pieces that provided structure and stability to the other Timelines and requiring extensive upkeep by their resident Fragments to avoid collapse.

Still, much worth is found in the Originals - as they are wholly separate from the Main Timeline, with completely unique magical foundations, stories, and rules.

Mag Frags

"Associated Magnitude Fragment" is mostly a meaningless distinction, only for minor interest - it marks which Mags' magic resonates most strongly with the Timeline as a whole. This does not mean that Mag is involved in the creation, governing, or management of that Timeline; on the contrary, they are typically hands-off with the Originals. It's more a fun note than anything else that has been recorded by the COR's Mag Researchers.


The Coalition of Reality, or COR, is an enormous group of Fragments that has banded together to enact laws regulating what can be done to Timelines and the best way of keeping them safe. A large portion of their rules involve only interfering in Timelines if absolutely necessary, as too many events caused or altered by out-of-Timeline actors (OOT actors) can destabilize a Timeline.

They take this especially seriously with the Originals, which they seek to preserve as living archives of the earliest stages and ideas of the world, and as unique places free of connection to the Main Timeline and the structures that pervade it. Thus, not only is entering the Originals without permission a heinous crime, altering them in any way or attempting to change them (even "for the better") is completely forbidden.

This law was not put into place until Timeline Omicron collapsed at the hands of Bereave, one of the original creator deities that sought to dismantle Genesis' work. Several Timelines had changed significantly between their births and this event, preventing the COR from preserving their idealized untouched forms. These Timelines are instead maintained in their current forms indefinitely, with further world-changing alterations prohibited.

⚠ Alert! ⚠
Some of the content below may be disturbing or uncomfortable.
Please read at your own risk.



Associated Magnitude Fragment: Pyatiugolnik
Status & Stability: highly unstable
Natural Fragments: 2

The first Timeline ever created and widely regarded as the most unstable, Alpha nevertheless is regarded as a fascinating piece of living history, serving as the closest look to Genesis' original ideals and concepts for the world. Despite this hopeful idealism, the reality of existing in Alpha is harrowing - with a completely unstable Universe Core, even simple ideas such as gravity are not a given in most places. Most of the available "land" in the Timeline is too degraded to use for creating universes, though some long-lived ones are fiercely maintained by their Gladar. From the outside, it does not seem as awful as some of its contemporaries, but the insidious creeping identity-corruption that seeps into its every corner and soul excels at being subtle.

Some small settlements have emerged, mostly comprised of Gladar and a handful of their creations. Larger settlements run the risk of deteriorating the region they reside in through the oversaturation of magic, which Alpha as a whole is deeply prone to. The largest faction is known as the Rapture Cult, who seek to finalize the Timeline's destruction and free its populace from its prolonged death, and actively attack COR operatives. Many Rapture Cultists will hop out of the Timeline, disrupt COR activities elsewhere, and return to Alpha, adding to the cumulative instability. They were formed when Bereave first discovered Alpha and began methodically dismantling its foundations.

The only other major faction goes by many names, but is commonly referred to as the Mercs. They are a group of Gladar that worship and obey the laws of their leader, Cascade Circe, and travel throughout the Timeline hunting bounties or chasing infamy. Notably, the Mercs have kidnapped one of Alpha's Natural Fragments as a show of power.

For a while, Alpha was heavily stabilized through the use of 'The Machine', a construct buried in the Timeline's heart by Bereave as a means to keep it stable longer so that it could be tortured longer. The Machine required the magic of a Magnitude Fragment to operate; Trougao was randomly selected and placed within, suffering unending torment as his magic/soul was ripped to shreds to stabilize the land. This ended when a group of other Mags removed him from the Machine, leaving it unpowered, though its colossal, indestructable pipes still criss-cross the landscape.



Associated Magnitude Fragment: Dijamant
Status & Stability: stable
Natural Fragments: 6

For most of its early life, Beta was embroiled in internal turmoil - several "wars" sparked out between the meager populace over resources, land, and influence. The most powerful of these groups often battled over control of the Timeline's heart - an enormous well of power situated at the earliest location within the Timeline itself. The wars died down as the various factions consolidated, resulting in several formerly-independent leaders acting as a council working in tandem instead. Despite this, Beta culture retained its militaristic structure and hierarchy, with the highest-ranked leaders being referred to as "commanders" and ranking citizens by strength or prowess.

Beta was one of the first of the Originals to discover the existence of other Timelines, culminating with an experimental invasion into Gamma. A group of Gladar-adjacent gods crafted a bridge of magic through the void to Gamma, which stood next to Beta, and have supported this opening diligently ever since. The commanders of Beta consider Gamma to be under their jurisdiction as a colony state and maintain their position as its defacto leaders.

The COR intervened and, though it did not successfully close the bridge nor force Beta to rescind control completely, has implemented a strict and stringent series of laws and regulations to prevent Gamma from being further harmed. Several COR operatives are stationed at both ends of the bridge and in Gamma's capital at all times to enforce these rules.




Associated Magnitude Fragment: Chetyrekhlistnik
Status & Stability: somewhat stable
Natural Fragments: 20

Originally a bustling Timeline with a spread of Natural Fragments and a lucrative augmetia mining industry, Gamma's life began at the top of the proverbial foodchain - selling raw augmetia to the other Originals, which could be used to heal small pockets of instability, preventing further damage from rotting Timeline foundations away. Though not all of its Fragments agreed with exporting most of their augmetia, the discovery that it was self-replicating and therefore functionally infinite soothed most of their worries. Enormous cavern networks were carved out of the bedrock in search of new veins and expanding older ones, with mining the central industry of its Universe Core.

Unfortunately, it was their endless supply of augmetia that caught neighboring Beta's attention - and incited its invasion. Though Gamma's Fragments outnumbered Beta's, they were significantly weaker and inexperienced in combat, resulting in a swift surrender and Gamma coming fully under Beta's control. Beta assumed authority over the augmetia supply and most of Gamma's governing, reaping its rich resources and occasionally 'employing' its mortal populace across the pond in Beta for menial tasks or labor.

Several rebellious groups have cropped up across Gamma, especially in the hollowed caves that run underneath most of its cities and landscapes. Elaborate signs, rituals, and code-phrases protect these groups from Beta's generals, who seek to crush them at any cost. Despite being unable to assemble aboveground, these groups are often successful in harassing Beta companies and work - bombing mining structures, caving in lucrative veins, or harvesting augmetia before Beta's commanders approve new mines.

Gamma has a decent number of Universes within it, all of which are equally claimed by Beta.



Associated Magnitude Fragment: Trougao
Status & Stability: stable(?)
Natural Fragments: 3(?)

Delta's Universe Core is comprised of nesting layers of reality, in an effect not dissimilar to creating a single universe save for the fact that multiple universe-like structures have been nested within each other progressively. Life in Delta began at the deepest of these nested worlds, called the "Egg" or "Eggshell", and went unnoticed by the COR for centuries. This life tunneled up and through the layers of reality and colonized the regions between layers, building progressively more complex structures and societies. They were discovered when a bored COR operative sensed magic emanating from Delta and arrived in time to see the first explorers of Delta breach its surface - directly into the void.

This breach has since been patched and Delta residents introduced to the rules of outer Timelines and the actual framework of the world. Despite being presented with solid evidence regarding these basic truths, many Deltans have reportedly refused to trust these sources and believe the COR is obscuring "another layer" from them. Though they have not attempted to breach into the void again or seek this higher layer, many of Delta's leaders openly speak of their desire to explore further. Their distrust of the COR has made them politely hostile - while they do not attack or disrupt, they are never cooperative and are oft left alone.

Three Fragment-like sources of power deep within Delta have been sensed by instruments and clairvoyants, but the Deltans in the outermost layer claim they do not know what a "god" or "Fragment" is and do not allow visitors deeper into the Timeline to see.



Associated Magnitude Fragment: Strela
Status & Stability: unstable
Natural Fragment: 1

Epsilon is fractured heavily, though somewhat stable in this state. Rather than a continuous Timeline - a straight line piercing through the void - it is made up of roughly year-sized slices of space, arranged in order akin to a Timeline. Within these disparate slices, the people inside can recall their memories of the previous slices, but are trapped living through the year their slice is associated with. Each slice has its own "versions" of Epsilon's populace, aware of being in time loops, capable of recalling previous slices' loops after they are completed. Each slice exists perpetually on its own, and can be removed from the Timeline like a filing card, but remains attached to the memory of Epsilon and continues looping.

The higher slices of Epsilon, later in the Timeline's "timeframe", are erratic and volatile places, as the people within recall millions of lives over and over - the memories of all the slices before them and those loops, on top of their own loops. Some people choose to end their lives early in their loop to relieve their minds, while others may do increasingly dangerous stunts, risks, and studies in an attempt to make good use of their time. Earlier loops are often confused and dazed, and have been taught the nature of their reality only through slice-jumping.

It is possible for individuals to fall from a higher slice into a lower one, though they will return to the higher slice upon the loop's reset. Thusly, some information has been transferred to lower slices, and some people deliberately try to slice-jump to return to a more favorable loop with different memories.

Interacting with Epsilon is frowned upon due to the nature of how knowledge travels through it - interacting with an early slice of Epsilon grants that memory across all later slices, and releasing sensitive information to an Epsilon resident can be dangerous.



Associated Magnitude Fragment: Kvadrat
Status & Stability: dead
Natural Fragments: 1

Zeta was irreparably damanged by Bereave early in its lifespan and fractured in the process. The stress of upholding itself overtook the COR's best efforts to rectify the damage through pumping Mag Frag magic into its heart, and Zeta collapsed completely.

The only known survivor was Zeta's sole Natural Fragment, who continues to live at the COR headquarters to this day. They are very explicitly not to be bothered regarding Zeta's fate.



Associated Magnitude Fragment: Prizma
Status & Stability: stable
Natural Fragments: 3

Eta has always been highly welcoming to outsiders - encouraging travel to it and allowing for a large number of out-of-Timeline actors to visit. Despite COR misgivings, Eta has proved remarkably stable in part due to a powerful magic circle stretched across central Universe Core. Created by one of the Natural Fragments, supposedly in a dream-like trance state, it serves as a filter for oversaturation of magic, spewing the excess out into the void and helping ensure the Timeline's stability. Though many have tried to interpret the circle's runes for use stabilizing other Timelines, the task has proved near-impossible - with the size and complexity of the circle making it difficult to translate. Its creator has also been unsuccessful in remaking it.

The landscape of Eta is constantly changing, being tweaked by various people to be more or less appealing to its swath of visitors. Most of the central regions are picturesque deserts, littered with oases and adobe buildings. Though the people of Eta's Universe Core once toyed with the idea of creating Universes, it largely fell out of vogue due to a fear of isolating people away from the "main" lived-in regions of the Core and fundamentally separating off areas. Many Eta residents find the Main and Connected Timelines' abundance of universes to be confusing and off-putting.

Though the COR still discourages meddling in Eta's affairs too much, they do not actually prosecute anyone who tours it. However, Overseers are expected to avoid trips there and to verbally disapprove if they hear vacation plans of their subordinates.




Associated Magnitude Fragment: Kolo
Status & Stability: somewhat stable
Natural Fragments: 9

Though Theta was heavily harassed by Bereave in its infancy, swift and effective defensive measures were put into place by its Natural Fragments and the help of Kolo. It retained heavy damage, including a "scar" across northern Universe Core - an enormous pitch canyon filled with acrid black liquid - but remained stable and survived its misfortune. Before the COR's protective law was put into place, the Natural Fragments agreed unanimously to shutter Theta's doors and restrict the entrance of all but approved Overseers as health check-ins.

For thousands of years, Theta remained this way - closed off from other Timelines, but still preserved - until a rogue group of Beta's commanders breached the Timeline's walls and sought a alliance between the two Timelines. Theta disagreed and cast out Beta's 'diplomats', but cautiously agreed to allow proper observations of the Timeline and actual records of its history and state to be written and stored.

Much of Theta has been made into interiors - large rooms connected to other large rooms through winding hallways. Perpetual rain pours down on its Universe Core, obscuring what little sky is visible through cramped windows and the occasional courtyard. Architecture between these rooms can vary heavily, though most structures are somewhat gothic in design. People of Theta suffer heavily from agoraphobia when exposed to other Timelines, and are sent into panics when seeing glimpses of the sky. Despite this, imagery of celestial bodies feature heavily in their designs and fiction - perhaps a fascination towards what they lack.




Associated Magnitude Fragment: Linija
Status & Stability: highly unstable
Natural Fragments: 3

Most of Iota has disintegrated, leaving behind a patchwork quilt of isolated "islands" that are the remnants of its Universe Core. Between these islands is only the void between Timelines - making traveling between these disparate places difficult, to say the least. However, its populace was undeterred - becoming the foremost void researchers and developing various technologies to make travel across the scape as safe and swift as possible. Many of their inventions have been adopted by the COR in attempts to save in-Timeline entities that have fallen out of their Timelines, or transport volatile artifacts that cannot handle teleportation well.

Seeing as their Timeline is not much of a "line" anymore, Iotans welcome visitors and are often pleased to show their creations and innovations. They often hold expos for COR operatives (and under-the-table conventions for visitors from other Originals), huge events that almost all citizens are expected to take part in somehow. Each island is eager to show off the best and newest creations, and many compete with one another in spectacle and effort.

Many of the islands are highly populated, with every spare inch of land devoted to structure. The only island that is not covered in buildings and infrastructure belongs to one of Iota's Fragments, who set it apart as a nature reserve and begrudgingly allows researchers to land and study the animals - the only known living wild populations left.

The boundaries of these islands are maintained by a forcefield of wards and magic, created by another of Iota's Fragments inspecting and reinterpreting part of the Eta magic circle - meaning that despite Iota's state, it is unlikely to collapse further. The COR is keeping an eye on it just in case, however.



Associated Magnitude Fragment: Trapetsiya
Status & Stability: stable
Natural Fragments: 3

Standard Timelines are shaped like a line, penetrating through voidspace like an arrow. Kappa, however, is donut-shaped, looping around itself to connect back at the start of itself, and spins through the void like an enormous wheel to move through time. Despite this oddity, the Timeline is relatively stable and has operated as expected - save for the fact that its exact location in the void, at any given second, is only vaguely known at best.

Within Kappa, however, things are slightly different. A Timeline's length serves as a measure of the time it has existed; reality within Kappa struggles to parse its shape in relation to this and has settled on a vague interpretation: moving towards the 'start' of Kappa moves individuals, creatures, and objects back in time - restoring youth, regressing to basal materials, and eventually ceasing to exist if they reach the start. Conversely, heading towards the 'end' induces decay, age, rot, and ultimately death.

Between these two extremes, however, lies the so-called augmetia zone - an area of relative safety and peace, where life is frozen from young adulthood to mid-adulthood. Most of Kappa's people have built their homes here, in the perpetual springs and summers of their lives. However, Kappa's influence on them remains - the populace is incapable of having children and dying alike, which are only possible at the extremes of the Timeline. Still, they exist - building great cities and thinking greatly on the enormous amounts of time they have been given.

Kappa is large enough that the time-travel effect is minor enough across cities and countries, most of which are situated around the augmetia zone.



Associated Magnitude Fragment: Peresekat
Status & Stability: dead
Natural Fragments: 0

One of only three Originals confirmed to be definitively dead, Lambda struggled to survive the brunt of Bereave's attention leveled onto it. Efforts were made by Peresekat to ensure its survival, but no long-term solution could be found - Lambda depended on Peresekat's near-constant magic being injected into its heart to remain stable. Even this could not undo its damage; sections of the 'floor' of the Timeline fell out and collapsed onto Mu, causing a slew of problems for its neighbor.

When the COR's law regarding altering the Originals came into effect, they requested Peresekat to rescind his magic, intending to implement a machine of theirs to stabilize it instead. He obeyed through Pyatiugolnik's convincing, but was reportedly incredibly incensed and displeased when Lambda instantly collapsed and was rendered completely dead. This soured the relationship between Peresekat and the COR, who became uncontactable shortly afterwards and pulled away from Blessing or assisting Fragments.

Its remains are scattered around the voidspace it once occupied, untouched. Many consider it a symbol of the COR's worst mistakes, and debates about their "caretaking" of Lambda still occur to this day.



Associated Magnitude Fragment: Shestiugolnik
Status & Stability: stable(?)
Natural Fragments: 3

Mu's unforunate position between Lambda and Nu, squished by its sister Timeline's collapsing and breaking, has hardened its outer skin. Open sores turned to scabs turned to flesh turned to hardened plates, and spread both inside the Timeline and on its shell. It was a slow, subtle takeover - as the Timeline adapted to the continuous pain it experienced, and reacted accordingly.

In modern times, most of Mu is organic in some way - forests made of sharpened bone and marrow, land pulsing with veins and arteries, organ tissue deep within mountains. It seems to accept and protect the natural-born citizens of Mu, capturing and presumably killing any potential threats to them. Most of the native wildlife has become docile and connected to the Timeline in some way, and obey the populace's general commands as if it were intelligent. Many cities have been made out of areas of huge cancellous bone tissue, providing adaptive shelter from the bloodrain and elaborate tunnel-networks of villages.

Mu's protectiveness means that it is difficult for OOT actors to enter, as Mu reacts defensively and will attack. Visitors must be escorted by one of its Natural Fragments at all times, and the COR does not attempt to rescue Frags that enter secretively and end up captured by Mu. Shestiugolnik has tentatively expressed interest in inducting Mu into the Hive, but has been turned down by Pyatiugolnik, Mu, and the COR.



Associated Magnitude Fragment: Polukrug
Status & Stability: unstable
Natural Fragments: 0

Early in Nu's life, it cracked in its center and slowly split apart into two sagging halves. Through the use of a Mag-powered construct, these two halves have been stitched back together - but continually pull apart over time, requiring constant maintenance. Several highly-respected COR mages are often dispatched to the Timeline to restart the construct and heal any residents that were injured by the most recent split. Gravity itself shifts when the halves separate, making permanent structures difficult - and anything built on the old or new seams falls through the void to collide with other Timelines, restricting where people can live. Still, Nu has limped along for a considerable amount of time.

Five visits ago, the COR mages discovered the construct had begun projecting vague ideas and thoughts into the air around it. Concerned that it may have undergone spontaneous sentience, the COR has launched a minor investigation. However, residents of Nu have begun blocking operatives' access to the construct, leading to increased frustration and attempts to open diplomatic dialogue.

Other than the continual splits, Nu has a Universe Core incredibly similar to the Main Timeline, leading many to wonder if it is a direct prototype.



Associated Magnitude Fragment: Pravougaonik
Status & Stability: ???
Natural Fragments: 2 (?)

When the COR first discovered Xi, a decent chunk of time after its formation, they instantly shut down all non-emergency communication with it and restricted the voidspace around it. Even the low-tier operatives who were helping secure the Timeline wouldn't speak of why the COR's reaction had been so severe - either terrified to leak information, or mind-altered forcibly to prevent it. Even now, the Overseers who are aware of Xi's nature are tight-lipped, and speaking of Xi in public places can result in arrests. Illegaly entering voidspace around Xi usually results in individuals being killed by the COR's autonomous drones and turrets set up on its outer shell.

The most that could be gleaned was simple: some sort of mining operation that had already gone wrong when the COR had found it. It takes no genius to suspect that the poison-metal gold could be the answer, but what exactly happened and how bad the situation was is anyone's guess. The COR sends no operatives to study the Timeline or its health, and maintains at all times that no one should attempt to enter.

The only known individual from Xi is one of its two Natural Fragments, who lives in COR HQ and avoids most other people. When pressed, they seem in great distress, and are open about there being another Natural Frag - one trapped in Xi still, fate unknown. Any further information is lost to them oft bursting into tears when stressed, and the punishment the COR brings down on the asker when they find out.



Associated Magnitude Fragment: Rendgen
Status & Stability: dead
Natural Fragments: 0

The first of the original Timelines to be destroyed by Bereave, before better defenses were put into place and before Bereave tired of dismantling them. Though other Connected Timelines had disintegrated before, none had realized that the Originals could be at risk - a thought that became chilling with the realization that the Main Timeline was just as vulnerable. Omicron's death caused a wave of reform over how the Originals should be treated, including the COR's controversial but heavily-enforced rule to avoid meddling in them if at all possible, and to preserve the original "story" within them.

Though the remains of Zeta are still metaphysically scattered around the void it once occupied, the corpse of Omicron was taken in by the Magnitude Fragments for an "experimental" attempt at reviving it. The Timeline remains gone, and the Magnitude Fragments have never revealed exactly what they did or if it succeeded, leading many to spread dozens of rumors and guesses over Omicron's ultimate fate.



Associated Magnitude Fragment: Srce
Status & Stability: stable
Natural Fragments: 2

Though Pi suffered some minor damage early in its lifespan, it was not enough to cause permanent fracturing, danger, or instability. However, out of paranoia after seeing Omicron, Lambda, and Zeta's falls, the people of Pi diligently crafted several enormous magic circles in the thinner areas of their Timeline and connected them to a central monitoring station. Unbeknownst to them, this station underwent slow spontaneous sentience, and achieved true personhood under the noses of the mages and scientists that operated its systems.

They were only discovered when a scouting group headed out to check up on one of the circles and found that it had been expanded and added to, leading an investigation that resulting in the station revealing themself, going by Qwerty. They had already infested numerous other technologies across Pi, and Pi's governors agreed to allow them to continue operating.

They continue to operate most of Pi's governing, resource collection, and general management, and are generally amicable to COR operatives. They are reportedly very curious about other Timelines and have made offhanded remarks about wishing to explore or inspect them, but have not actually probed any others (yet?).

Most of Pi is criss-crossed by deep, deadly canyons, with most civilizations crowded around the tops of mountains or plateaus. The difficulty of traveling to other settlements has been eased by Qwerty's omnipresence and ability to communicate across the gaps, which has left many with a positive impression of Qwerty, despite the COR being cautious.



Associated Magnitude Fragment: Zvezda
Status & Stability: very unstable
Natural Fragments: 1

Rho is the thinnest of the Originals, in part due to large parts of it flaking off into the void. These flakes are enormous, spanning several lightyears' worth of its Universe Core, which has accumulated colorless empty "gaps" or "bubbles" where the missing pieces once were. These gaps can be traveled through, but doing so is discouraged - spending too much time in them results in people being "lost", and often causes further flaking of the nearby regions.

These lost regions permeate through the entire Timeline, at every timepoint - resulting in mixed or missing memories for people who traveled through them when they were safe, and the loss of information regarding whatever once existed there. However, written records of these regions remain stable and several groups in Rho have put together enormous libraries of their history and peoples.

Many settlements are small and nomadic, comprised of roving caravans and primarily small family groups. There is little warning for when an area may flake off the Timeline, but with ample training from birth, many can mobilize and escape into safer regions before being lost. Most people keep far away from already-lost regions, as the areas surrounding them are most likely to be lost next.

Rho's sole Natural Fragment maintains the largest library and travels with a small city of about 120 other people. They prefer COR operatives to not interfere with Rho, out of concern for the Timeline's fragility.



Associated Magnitude Fragment: Semiugolnik
Status & Stability: unstable
Natural Fragments: 3

Sigma suffers from an unpredictable cycle of extreme flooding and longterm droughts as a result of its instability. Though operatives who resonated with meteorology magic were brought in, they were incapable of reducing Sigma's weather patterns to something less extreme or more predictable. The people of Sigma have made the best of their poor situation, and have largely built adaptable housing at the bottom of several large abysses, which retain water throughout the droughts.

Several of these dome-shaped buildings house Sigma's population of livestock and crops, which are often attacked by wild animals seeking food during severe weather periods. During any particular season, the farmers of Sigma can expect to be attacked by anywhere between 3-6 full-grown behemoths, and must constantly reinforce their homes and agriculture. As such, farming is highly valued in Sigma's culture, and those with a storied history of defending their settlements' food supply are venerated as heroes.

Most of the water of Sigma drains out of the Timeline's Universe Core and into the void through several gaping holes in the fundamental bedrock of the Timeline. These holes react to stimuli and stretch open like flesh, but do not appear to be actually alive or connected to some sort of organism. It is currently unknown how the water is restored, as research into it cannot be done from the abysses.



Associated Magnitude Fragment: Suza
Status & Stability: stable
Natural Fragments: ???

A strange Timeline, Tau's Universe Core is humid, wet, and hot - not unlike a sprawling jungle or rainforest. Streams gurgle through thick underbrush, choked by twisting and powerful roots, filled with discarded leaves. Deep creaking echoes through its recesses as the great flora stretch towards the sunlight, moving their great bodies at a speed discernable to the naked eye. Though they are not hostile to visitors, any attempt at a permanent settlement within Tau has resulted in, without fail, the complete and utter loss of all colonists - including their bodies.

Several of the greatest, largest trees have incredible auras and bright magical signatures, leading many to wonder if they are gods of sort of Tau. Communication between the plants is obvious - aware of intruders, they oft react to presences and obey these great tree's seeming commands to either attack hostiles or remain dormant. Some of the trees brim with Fragment energy, though it is unclear whether they have simply attained that much magic or are actually the Natural Fragments of Tau.

Nevertheless, the COR prefers to leave Tau to its own devices, and let the flora be.



Associated Magnitude Fragment: Sekizgen
Status & Stability: ???
Natural Fragments: 2

Upsilon has spent most of its life as a stable member of the Originals - its Universe Core swathed in perpetual twilight and a sweeping desert that thins to tundra at the edges. Enormous bones rise out of sand and snow, ancient spines littering the landscape and serving as the understructure for the meager civilizations that have cropped up across the Timeline. The largest of these rests in a creature's ribcage, many times the size of any known behemoth, and serves as Upsilon's capital and center: Titan's Basin.

In its infancy, Upsilon meekly contacted the newly-formed COR to request their alliance and protection. They were eagerly accepted into the COR's fold and research on Upsilon helped found the basis of the modern understanding of the Originals - their meager foundations compared to the Main Timeline, how their hearts operated, and how their magic most heavily resonated with a basal concept of the world. As the COR's laws regulating treatment of the Originals came into effect, researchers were pulled out of Upsilon and were only permitted to visit to ensure general health check-ups.

This halted when, upon visiting the Timeline, COR operatives were shocked to discover that Upsilon had undergone some sort of unexplained event that regressed and/or replaced all individual's memories within. Its citizens recall an entirely different world history, with most agreeing on a single set of events. There are some splinter cells of other individuals whose memories have aligned to a different "story", leaidng to many families with disagreements breaking up and several cities becoming segregated. Both of Upsilon's Fragments disagree with each other's memories and have become somewhat hostile to the COR, expressing confusion that their devout allies would lie to them.

This never-before-seen instability event has led to more frequent checkups for Upsilon and a scramble to transcribe the new, false memories. Some suspect that some sort of Timeline-wide mind-altering event occured and overwrote the populace's minds with that of another Timeline, though it matches no Timeline in the COR's database.



Associated Magnitude Fragment: Ellipsa
Status & Stability: stable
Natural Fragments: 1

After Upsilon reached out to the COR to establish a relationship, the COR offered olive branches to the Timelines on either side - Tau and Phi. Phi eagerly accepted the COR's assistance and work began to patch up several openings that had formed across Phi's Universe Core, one of which had "swallowed" an entire Universe, which was now missing. The owner of this Universe was very explicit about desiring its return - being the oldest society within Phi and heavily populated, its loss was devastating for the small community that lived within the Core.

After a gargantuan effort - sometimes called the COR's first true "to arms" moment - the Universe was located and returned to the now-healed Timeline. The people of Phi and the Universe instantly took to calling the batch of operatives their saviors. As the COR pulled away from direct influence within Timelines, the story of Phi's repair and the rescue became more and more warped until it developed into a feverish cult that saw the COR as exalted heroes and protectors. Distractions in the forms of insurgent groups and various conflicts pulled COR resources away from Phi, further mythologizing them in the eyes of its people and preventing operatives from discouraging the religion or normalizing their presence.

Researchers occasionally visit to ensure Phi's health, leading to great and excited fanfare from the populace. Lights are strung across the hundreds-feet-tall trees that surround its Universe Core, a great feast is held in the operatives' honor, and attempts to entertain the visitors oft get in the way of actually inspecting Phi's heart. Still, the researchers assigned to Phi are remiss to disrupt the local culture, and typically go along with the festivals.

Phi's sole Natural Fragment is a centerpiece of this religion, and serves as a zealotic priest and the "mouthpiece" for the COR when operatives are not present.




Associated Magnitude Fragment: Peshchani
Status & Stability: unstable
Natural Fragments: 12

Chi's Universe Core is wholly unfit for the creation of Universes - its people have tried, and learned the hard way. Attempting to alter their Universe Core's space, a task so mundane and simple that carving the Core into shape is a rite of passage, always results in a deep warping and corruption of the affected area. The Universe formed from the space collapses, killing its populace and rotting its concepts. These broken Universes were discarded and forgotten about as the people of the Core attempted to even craft something as simple as a house in their land.

The best they had were structures built by hand on the tops of enormous trees that had already grown in the Core, seemingly there from birth. These quickly became sprawling cities and the people of Chi became masters at handwork and artisan talents, having to whittle tools and construct buildings without magic. All the better, then, that they happened to build on the backs of trees when the decayed ocean's tide swarmed the land underneath.

For, the Universes abandoned by Chi did not disappear. Rather, they bloated and rotted like cancerous corpses - until pushed to their festering limit, they broke. They scattered their bloodied and molded remains across the land of Chi, coating the surface in a broiling pit of tar, disease, and spoil. Those who survived scrambled up to the treetop cities, and those that were caught in the sea became one with it as it corroded and corrupted their core concepts, decomposing them into imperfect facsimiles of who they once were.

The deluge of foul liquids and decay has remained there since, a putrid ocean underneath the tree-canopy of Chi.

Chi has become even more anti-magic after the wash of dead Universes, and expressly forbids its use, study, and application. Ceremonies are attached to ritual bloodletting to purge the body of Magninium, and they barely tolerate the COR researchers who make simple notes on Chi's health and swiftly leave.



Associated Magnitude Fragment: Polumesec
Status & Stability: highly unstable
Natural Fragments: 5

Sometimes called a "garbage bin" derisively, Psi is a constant thorn in the COR's side. Unstable itself, it is plagued by looping areas that get stuck repeating a timeframe until a Fragment can restore them, but the real threat is Psi's influence on other Timelines - especially ones near-collapse or unstable. Psi pulls objects, buildings, animals, ideas, and people from these fragile places and into itself, with no rhyme or reason. This disrupts the other Timelines' stability further, and damages Psi itself.

There are some attempts to return these individuals (and other things) to their original Timelines, which has resulted in the discovery of previously-unknown Timelines and Timeline regions by the COR. Some Timelines collapse shortly after Psi siphons things from them, orphaning the stolen people, who end up as unwilling residents of Psi.

Attempts to stop this behavior have all failed. Most of Psi's native population have taken to living in Universes, as stolen objects only "land" in Universe Core itself, which has been left for the orphaned people to make their home, however caustic and erratic it is. Psi's Fragments are diligent in sweeping Universe Core for new stolen objects and returning them to their original homes, as gargantuan of a task as that may be.

Upon the Cradle of LifeMilk and Stone, the Tower



Associated Magnitude Fragment: Zehneck
Status & Stability: unstable
Natural Fragments: 0

Omega was assimilated into the Diamond Collective during Dijamant's conquesting phase, wherein he took an enormous number of Timelines under his wing. As the last Timeline Genesis created before the Main Timeline, many had regarded Omega as a dispassionate and careless mess - as the enormous crack down the center of the Timeline opened its Universe Core to the void outside, resulting in more than a handful of casualties and an inability for Gladar to create proper universes. During his tenure as its leader, Dijamant repaired the Timeline's fracture.

However, Pyatiugolnik moved to rescind Dijamant's leadership from the vast majority of his Timelines. Among this count was Omega, included after a COR vote dictated that the Original Timelines should be preserved in their natural state, ideally. This stopped Dijamant's visits to the Timeline, which prompted the frustrated populace to begin harvesting the latent Magnitude Fragment energy that kept the rift sealed in an attempt to repair damage elsewhere or attain power.

Enough magic removal culminated in the crack re-opening and the further splinter of Omegan society into disparate halves on either side of the rift. Though aware of each other's settlements through visual contact, both halves exist independently and have unique cultures.