Once upon a time, the gods walked the world as mortals - slipping between the six great colonies, bestowing blessings upon the favored and correcting wayward mistakes. Their love was unconditional, their presence a given, and the safety net they provided was well-worn. That they cherished the six was obvious - it was by their hands and interference that Letter Colony split, over and over, into the now-familiar mantra of the colonies' names: Letter, Clover, Shell, Ink, Rain, Abyssal. Even when the gods disappeared, one by one, without a trace, the Ants upon the earth still held their faith.

Or did, as the legends go - the very legends that Ink Colony's newest leader, Tinte, has long been raised on. Tales of nannying gods, of security unbounded, of a world were miracles were true; all makes the world he sees now nothing more than a pale, empty, rotting mockery of the lands the gods loved. Frustrated with his colonymates' lack of interest in the old myths, he rose up to become leader at a frighteningly young 29 - and made his first decree the utter massacre of all civilians and military of Rain Colony, an act of violence so extreme that it is nigh incomprehensible.

And for what purpose? Simple: to give the gods no other choice than to return and save their blessed lands once more.

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