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An unfinished Timeline of events within Myrme. It's incomplete, but detailed in what's here, and speaks of the foundation of most of the colonies and their founders - figures who are still venerated today as heroes, and after which are named many places across the continents.

The Age of Gods

The Creation of Myrme

  • YEAR 01: Start of the Universe. Several of the First-Wave Gods awaken and emerge onto Myrme. There are already a small handful of born mortals struggling to survive, for an unknown period of time.
  • YEAR 01: Frothe (later Frothe Letter) & Terra (later Terra Letter) are born. At a few years of age, they witness a god of Myrme, unidentified, giving the leader of their small tribe a source of freshwater. The event heavily shapes Terra's worldview.
  • YEAR 12: Phyton (later Phyton Clover) is born, one of the few gyne in Myrme at the time.
  • YEAR 20: Squabbles among the individual marauding bands of Ants make life difficult. Terra promises that with the gods' help, they can fortify themselves and elevate themselves from the unenlightened masses.
  • YEAR 22: Terra's continued animal sacrifices draw the attention of Narke, a god. He takes pity on their existence, is intrigued by the worship, and assists them.

The Journey To the East & Foundation of Letter Colony

  • YEAR 25: Metara, a god, elects himself as patron of Terra and his followers. Metara provides guidance, knowledge, and minor supplies in return for regular worship and companionship.
  • YEAR 32: Frothe and Terra form Letter Colony, after gathering the community on their island, later named Frothe Island. WIth the encouragement of Metara, they travel to the east and find a continent, handcrafted for them. Here, they plant their flag, naming their capital after Frothe.
  • YEAR 33: From this colony is born Claerene (later Claerene Shell) and Firset (later Firset Clover). Phyton, in the confusion, changes his name and alters parts of his appearance with magic, so as to shed his gyne identity and join the army.
  • YEAR 37: The first temple of Myrme, to Metara, is constructed in the city of Frothe. It still stands today, carefully tended to by priests through the ages, though it is not the original structure.
  • YEAR 44: On Terra's order, colonization of the continent begins. Bands of Ants from established Letter Colony transverse the wasteland and massacre nomadic tribes and settlers.
    • Firset, Phyton, and Claerene are enlisted on these hunts, though not all on the same excursions. Phyton particularly enjoys them, and is often paired with Firset. Claerene takes on coastal and naval battles.
    • They claim what little gyne exist and bring them home. In an attempt to construct a safer, more defensible location for their gyne, Terra commands the construction of an underground bunker.
  • YEAR 49: Metara appears, and in an expression of goodwill, completes the bunker's construction. Named Subterra, it rests near an enormous lake in Letter territory.

Conquest of the Hills & Foundation of Clover Colony

  • YEAR 50: On an excursion to the edge of the continent, Phyton and Firset discover the existence of another, more eastward continent, visible when a drought parches an enormous bayou between them.
    • Disagreements begin surfacing whether this new continent was actually Metara's promised land. Terra and Frothe are adamant they are on the right continent; Metara has not corrected their location or ceased assistance.
  • YEAR 52: Phyton exposes himself as a gyne and demands a battalion be given to him to explore the new continent and purge it. Though wary, Frothe tentatively approves.
  • YEAR 53: Phyton crosses the swamp with a battalion of roughly ten aner, one high-ranking general, and several hundred dinergates. Firset is among the aner. There are very few tribes on the continent, but they are slaughtered over the course of a two-year excursion.
  • YEAR 55: Several of the remaining tribes, banded together, launch an offensive on Phyton's army. Two aner are lost, as are many dinergates.
    • Rather than return to Frothe, as is encouraged by the general, Phyton chooses to pray instead. Two gods, Acilitie and Cleverly, provide him with an enchanted sword. He uses this to decisively, single-handedly massacre the tribes' camp.
    • Post-battle, he encourages his army to remain at his side and found a new colony with him as the leader, rather than return to Letter. When a small group of dinergates express desire to leave, he slaughters them. The survivors pledge fealty. Acilitie promises his continued assistance. Firset, Phyton's longtime friend, makes his distaste with the brutality clear, but is overshadowed quickly.
    • Phyton forms Clover Colony, and sends a single courier to tell Frothe and Terra of the news.
  • YEAR 59: A small envoy from Letter Colony arrives at the site of Clover's budding capital. Terra and Frothe seek an alliance, with no desire to kill their former colonymates. Phyton agrees, and travels back to Letter briefly to discuss the treaty. He is accompanied by Firset and Acilitie.
    • Though negotiations sour slightly, the alliance is forged. Acilitie and Phyton return to Clover, only to discover Firset had stayed behind in Letter, using mind-altering magic to trick them into thinking he was with them. Though enraged, Phyton knows he cannot leave Clover again so soon.
  • YEAR 60: Letter Colony begins crafting a suitable navy, in search of other possible continents. Claerene is awarded the title of Admiral, for their earlier conquests on the sea. A small outpost, named Subglacia, is established to be the center of this navy.
  • YEAR 64: With Acilitie's presence and assistance, the construction of Phytomea, Clover's capital, is finished - completed with the first aqueduct bringing water into the city. When Phyton complains of being the only gyne, Acilitie creates several more, and Clover's population booms.
  • YEAR 65: Acilitie is admonished by Narke for being so willing to breed with the mortal gyne. He temporarily leaves Clover's side to return to Gemline, the gods' homeland, as punishment.
  • YEAR 70: Terra arranges for a boat to pass by the source of Phytomea's main aqueduct. As a sign of goodwill, a gift of seeds of plants native to Letter's continent are included. Phyton returns the favor with several charged opals and corundum. The location develops into a small outpost, named after Firset.
  • YEAR 90: Acilitie returns to Phytomea. He resumes his illicit activities. Mostly in secret.

Insurrection at Frothe Island & Foundation of Shell Colony

  • YEAR 105: Phyton sieges the city of Frothe. Though Letter's military and navy mobilize, Phyton's small team disappear as quickly as they'd arrived. In the dust, Firset is discovered missing, presumably kidnapped back to Clover.
    • Terra and Frothe choose not to retaliate, despite their losses, seeking to keep the peace instead. Claerene takes note.
  • YEAR 302: Frothe steps down as co-leader of Letter Colony. He oversees expansion of Subterra instead, especially additions to its mine.
  • YEAR 400: laerene prays to Metara for gifted Immortality. Metara does not appear to them. In resentment, they privately contact Phyton and demand knowledge of how they attracted gods' attention. An argument quickly escalates, in which Claerene insinuates that Acilitie only assisted due to Phyton being a gyne.
  • YEAR 401: Unmarked Letter ships bomb part of Firset Island. Phyton contacts Terra and informs them Claerene has been attempting to contact gods.
  • YEAR 599: Claerene's increased erratic behavior results in Terra herself commanding they willingly step down. When they refuse, she challenges them to a duel. They refuse again, instead commanding their navy to form a blockade around Frothe Island, their base of operations.
    • Multiple attempts at negotiation are made over the coming months. The diplomats are taken as hostages.
  • YEAR 600: Frothe himself arrives at Claerene's blockade to plead with them. Claerene stabs Frothe through the chest, killing him.
    • Before news reaches the main colony, they mobilize and escape Frothe Island with their fleet. In uncharted waters, they demand their subordinates pledge to their order. At gunpoint, all ships raise the flag of Claerene's main boat.
    • Thus, Claerene names their new order Shell Colony, with themself at the helm.
  • YEAR 610: Hatterne (later Hatterne Ink) is born within Shell.

The Birth of Trade

Gaps start appearing in the Timeline from here on out.

  • YEAR 880: Tsa (later Tsa Rain) is born within Clover.
  • YEAR 899: Shell Colony raids Firset Island. Among the kidnapped is Tsa, who is put to work cleaning on Hatterne's ship.
  • YEAR 900: Phyton casually mentions to Acilitie that he'd like to see Shell put in their place.

Shipwreck of the Metara's Grace & Foundation of Ink Colony

  • YEAR 904: A storm tears through most of Shell Colony. The Metara's Grace, a warship, is separated from the main fleet and thrown far to the south. They shipwreck on the shores of a new continent, exhausted, hungry, and alone.
    • They are met with the god Palorme, who had been living on the continent before their arrival. Empathetic at their suffering, he provided them with food, wood, and healing.
    • Surprised by the attention of a previously-unknown god, the colonists instead pledge themselves to Palorme, electing to remain on the continent. They select their ship's captain, Hatterne, to lead their colony.
    • Hatterne expresses concern at their population and lack of gyne. Palorme, in response, gifts them with shapeshifting. He alters his form into that of a gyne, and the sailors begin constructing makeshift buildings.
  • YEAR 905: Palorme's followers come across an enormous river, though the water is entirely black and mostly undrinkable. Palorme informs that this is the work of Saltis, a fellow god who cursed the river upstream some years ago over an argument.
    • Hatterne makes a lone trip up the mountain to speak with Saltis. Saltis refuses to purify the river, claiming it was not his doing, as mineral deposits the river runs through are instead the cause. He does agree to come see the fledgling mortals, having been mostly irritated by their presence and how much they altered the natural land.
    • Though he is generally annoyed by the colonists cutting down trees, he purifies the river to be drinkable. Its color does not fade, however. In an act of respect, Hatterne pledges to name their colony Ink Colony, as a tribute to the river's natural state.
  • YEAR 907: A temple is constructed to Saltis and Palorme.

Tsa's Revolutionary War & Foundation of Rain Colony

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