Across grand galaxies and the expanses of space, the Forum of the Celestials governs and regulates the lives and behaviors of its members, personification of stars' souls who harvest magic from their planets. As these stars mature and evolve, they may find themselves as one of dozens of black holes bickering over the stars within their domain - or perhaps they will develop into a coveted pulsar or magnetar, capable of birthing new stars and continuing the life of the known universe.

But this system is called into question when - away from the watchful eyes of the reigning black hole families, in a forgotten and unclaimed patch of space, a small yellow star is born. With their warped and malformed magic, they create eight life-filled and bustling plants - a feat unheard of since the inception of the Forum, and one worthy of being brought to Aistar himself.

When Sol is discovered by a scouting star, they find themselves swept up in a world of politics, intrigue, and backstabbing as all clambor to win the favor of the new so-called cradle of life.

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