The House of Many Ghosts


Deep within the Cloakdark Woods sits an old estate, fenced in by wrought iron and overgrown ivy. It accepts few visitors, an exceptionally secluded place within the exceptionally secluded Isling Bay. The master of the house, Xuer, flits between the small fishing and logging villages, picking out those who appeal to his fancies and eccentrics, and whisks them away to the darkness of the manor with nary an explanation. In its walls are a smattering of strange people, all collected in this fashion, and the halls murmur with the gossip and politics that would surround any such motly gathering.

Xuer's secrets are vast, however, and the shadow of his family's legacy and his place in it draws long. For what purpose does he tie these strings? Not all is at first glance in the House of Many Ghosts.

Character List


Locations - the region surrounding the House and other named places.