Residents of the House



Permanent Residents

Xuer Alnilam

Role/Job: "Why, Master of the House, of course."
Hometown: Isling Bay
Age: 45, he says
Talents: magery, being wealthy, smugness

The eccentric, secretive heir to the Alnilam family, subsisting off his family's extensive wealth and investments in generations prior. When not wistfully watching his residents mill about or seeking out the newest addition, Xuer busies himself with both balancing the estate's checkbooks and creating animated constructs, which he uses to assist the servants and peoplewatch. He is cagey about his history and goals, but reeks of confidence and glee when dancing around the topic - seemingly always in control of every situation.

Lux Crasshar

Role/Job: "..."
Hometown: Isling Bay
Age: 44, allegedly
Talents: pickpocketing, teleporting, avoiding lawmen

Wanted in several central regions of the country for crimes unexplained, Lux had little choice but to accept Xuer's offer to enter the estate permanently - as the great arm of the police did not reach into the Alnilam's house. Still, he is distant and reclusive, refusing to speak to the other residents - which only makes the allure of his criminal history stronger. Xuer, at least, seems infatuated with him - bringing Lux gifts of every sort and insisting that Lux sleep in the master bedroom.

Temporary Residents


Role/Job: "Flora manager, I think."
Hometown: The Lonely Meadow
Age: ~4,130
Talents: magery, farming, glowering

A dour lesser god of nature who Xuer kidnapped hired to help manage the estate's food production, tend to the gorgeous flowerbeds surrounding its gardens, and keep an eye on the health of Cloakdark Forest. Insects and a fresh spring breeze follow him as he moves throughout the house, though he tends to be reserved and seemingly paranoid. Many speculate he could leave at almost any time - after all, what could keep a lesser god here? - but Chymist seems wary of Xuer. he does, at least, enjoy sitting in the gardens when it rains.

Other Locals