Well of Creation


At the center of the world lies the Well of Creation itself, a bright and burning expulsion of Magninium that serves as sun and deity to the planets circling it. It has long since birthed gods - powerful Arcanas, born with purpose and ideals and the pursuit of creation; and weaker Miras, born with freedom and hopes and the pursuit of convictions. Long have these two groups existed together, Miras working alongside Arcanas to govern mortals under their helm and navigate politics.

But greed and ambition discolored this world: a collusion was made by few Arcanas to bring forth a new god from the Well early to answer the simple question of 'if they could'. Though they pulled this god free, riddled with holes and missing magic, the Well was choked - it lay dormant for years onto generations onto millennia, believed damaged beyond repair and empty of life. Its blessings dried, its magic weakened, no gods emerged. They had broken the Well.

But to alls' surprise - it has spluttered to life one more, and a new Arcanas has tumbled from its great light into the universe and into a world of expectations and responsibility he could not have dreamed of. Parsle, the World, looks towards the future with a cautious sort of unspeakable trepidation, unsure of his place or what the Well intended for him.

Character List


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